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Submission + - Freetype lands in... Office (

phy_si_kal writes: Now Microsoft must love free software.
Indeed, Office 2011 for Mac (beta 5 at least) uses Freetype! Screenshot at:
Somehow they figured out the free software "clean room implementation" of their own (patented) TrueType technology must better suit their needs.

Comment Strategy? (Score 0, Redundant) 186

This seems quite strange, if we consider that AdWords was the first miracle for Google's business in 2000.
Do people really want to see video ads? Isn't it even more disturbing than banners? I hate the flash video ads in imdb for example. In the beginning, they even had sound turned on by default!
Google isn't completely stupid, since they won't try this on their own site... Maybe only a move to suggest bad ideas to its competitors ;)

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