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Comment Re:National ID again? (Score 1) 116

australia doesn't have a string identifier per citizen yet then(soc sec number or whatever, something assigned at birth to separate you as you)?

Australia has a Tax File Number which you apply for when you start work -- or rather start paying tax. TFN is supposed to be confidential between you and the Tax Office, though in practice any organisation that has some effect on your taxable income will ask for it. Not having/providing a TFN means you'll be paying the highest tax rate.

There were plans to create the Australia Card, back in the day, but it didn't get passed by the Senate and hence the TFN was born

Comment Good Luck with that (Score 1) 432

I'm assuming the politics at RMIT haven't changed that much. Students are not clients of ITS, so good luck with getting them to do anything for you. About the only way you can get them to do anything useful is lobby your School's or Portfolio's Director of IT and get them to argue with ITS for you.

Comment Re:surveillance society (Score 1) 329

As we fall deeper into a surveillance society, with cameras pointed at your front door, auto-logging of your car plates everywhere you drive, and (this is completely true) police helicopters with inferred[ sic ]/heat sensors flying over your house that can see through walls ...

If anyone is able to fly over your house and see inside with infrared sensors then you really are not fullfilling you responsibilties to the environment and should invest in much better insulation.

Honestly, the money you invest will more than pay for itself in reduced energy bills.

And you'll be able to hide from IR survalance.

This is one where tin-foil may actually work - especially if you put the shiny side down.


A Broadband Survey That Asks the Right Questions 120

Lauren Weinstein writes "I've just deployed the first ever Broadband Survey under the auspices of GCTIP, which asks questions that the FCC neglected to ask about service types, promised vs. actual broadband speeds, user satisfaction (or lack thereof) with their ISPs and local ISP competition, etc. I'm already finding the detailed comments many persons are leaving on the survey form to be extremely illuminating and with sufficient participation I'm hoping my reports from this data will be useful to the Internet community broadly."

Dad Delivers Baby Using Wiki 249

sonamchauhan writes "A Londoner helped his wife deliver their baby by Googling 'how to deliver a baby' on his mobile phone. From the article: 'Today proud Mr Smith said: "The midwife had checked Emma earlier in the day but contractions started up again at about 8pm so we called the midwife to come back. But then everything happened so quickly I realized Emma was going to give birth. I wasn't sure what I was going to do so I just looked up the instructions on the internet using my BlackBerry."'"

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