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Comment Re:Why is McAfee's affair on Slashdot? (Score 1) 148

Further: If you're a rich American and left (and renounced US citizenship) to avoid paying taxes, you'd leave for Switzerland or somewhere like that, not corrupt and poor Belize. Any money he makes now is almost assuredly capital gains, which is taxed at one tenth or one twentieth of the US rate in Switzerland (depending on long-term vs short-term, tax bracket, etc.).

Comment Re:Lucky bastards (Score 2) 296

IMHO chrome has become too much of a behemoth. I'd migrate them to Firefox.

What? My experience is that Firefox is slower, uses more RAM, and has other problems Chrome does not. I switched from Opera to FF because Opera stopped handling Japanese input correctly. Then I switched from FF to Chrome because FF was so slow compared to Opera and Chrome was not.

Comment Re:It's okay (Score 2) 1469

One of many reasons why I am a devout evangelical atheist is because of all the Ten Commandments int he Bible, God chose not to outlaw rape.

Depending on the marital/betrothal status of the woman, rape violates either the proscription of adultery or theft in the Ten Commandments. Not revisionism. The Bible says raping a married woman carries the death penalty, and raping an unmarried, unbetrothed woman carries a substantial fine.

A couple caveats:

1. Rape was considered an offense against the owner of the woman (rape a married woman, you've offended the husband, and you die; rape an unmarried woman, you've offended the father, pay him a fine).

2. There is nothing in the Bible against raping your own wife.

The lack of understanding about the Bible is something I would expect from an atheist, so no harm no foul. Just amend your complaint next time. :)

Comment Re:VBA? (Score 1) 285

Isn't that partly (wholly?) because Iceland has a language academy that regulates the Icelandic language (Like the Real Academia Española or L'Académie française) and it insists on coining proper Icelandic terms instead of using loan words? Sort of like how anyone born in Iceland is required to be given a name that must be approved before being introduced into the language (if it's not already an existing Icelandic name)?

Comment Re:Nah... (Score 1) 193

I'm general counsel for a consulting firm involved in the public sector. What you say is true based on my understanding, especially with so many troops returning home. A ton of things are being re-insourced, for lack of a better word. I just attended a talk given by contract officers in the military; they said there are going to be fewer opportunities for outside firms going forward because the military is taking over many functions again (combined with the current stress on the economy making budgets tighter).

And to respond to GP's point about how the Army should build missiles and such, the answer is similar to why companies operate on credit. Work needed is not flat and consistent; things fluctuate. It is SOP in business (and has been for decades) to outsource non-core functions of your business to take advantage of economies of scale and comparative advantage. Manufacturing missiles is no more a core function of the military than manufacturing radios or gunpowder is.

The military is not in the manufacturing business. It's in the de-manufacturing business (and defense, obviously).

Comment Re:When Kevin Rose Wanted to Eat a Taco (Score 3, Insightful) 193

Take your rose-colored glasses off re Digg. It is factually true that Digg had much bigger discussions, but they were awful. You can find any number of PhDs commenting regularly about niche topics on Slashdot, but that never happened on Digg. It was always college kids allcapsing their uninformed opinions.

Comment Re:It's like this. (Score 1) 878

Not sure if you're continuing the joke or not, but "aliterate" is a word that describes a person who is literate but chooses not to read.

You'll notice a few word trios that use an a- vs i-based prefix to have slightly different meanings. The most famous word trio that comes to mind is: (1) moral, (2) immoral, and (3) amoral.

Literate, aliterate, and illiterate is another trio.

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