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Comment Re:Comments (Score 2) 129

it's difficult to tell what is blocked or just some problem...people always jump to conclusions, of course.

however, slashdot wasn't accisble for extended periods in the 2006-2007 period. if it was being blocked, the I find it difficult to beleive it was deliberate...more likely the blocked a whole netblock which happened to include slashdot. i don't recall any sensitive topics, but people spout all sorts of bs here, so perhaps there was a thread I missed.

Comment Re:I'm with you. (Score 1) 136

I worked on the following app on S60 (2nd and 3rd edition) which was based off Symbian - I mostly did porting, build and small feature work, with other clever folk doing the glory work, but anyway :

I have yet to see anything quite so innovative on other platforms - though, presumably, that is mostly because the platform makers (Apple, Google, Microsoft) don't want lowly developers messing with what happens when the user gets a phone call (though the above works with SMS/MMS and as a screensaver too - *screen* not *battery*).

I'd like to see if there's anything similar for current platforms - I don't get much exposure to them.

Anyway, I like to think that the above app was quite a bit better than garbage, despite its limited scope.

Comment Re:Let's hear it for the beancounters (Score 1) 432

I disagree that the examples are irrelevant.

What if you offer retailer $3.00 for something they're charging $2.99 for? $5.00? $10.00? When does it cease being a 'charitable' tip and suddenly become you valuing the item more than they do?

Anyway, tips are way different in the US than anywhere else (in my experience). For such positions in most(?) countries, they are *not* paid assuming they will receive tips - they get paid for the work they do. It may not be much, but the assumption is *zero* tip, not like in the US where it is something between 10% and 20%.

It *is* irrelevant, to my argument, what the retailer wants, so much as whether I consider it to be more valuable that that or not. I might be so thrilled with the product/service/whatever that I say, "no...I want to pay more". Yes, that happens.

Yes, corporations tend not to do that so much, especially for government or other corporations, but that wasn't my point. Your example was a bad one because it does happen and you suggested it doesn't. You might say my examples are irrelevant, but my point is that *your* example is irrelevant because it's wrong.

Comment Re:Let's hear it for the beancounters (Score 2) 432

> "That'll be $1.99, sir," and you said, "you know what? Here's fifty bucks - keep the change!"

You seem to be suggesting that doesn't happen. You've never considered that something is worth more than is being charged and even wanted to pay more? What about giving a tip when service is better than expected? Isn't that the same thing?

I admit it - I *have* offered to pay more on occasion, but it's never been in 'bucks', and never as much as 1.99 -> 'fifty'. Tips seem to be the most acceptable way of over-paying...and I don't mean the crazy US-style tips where you *have* to pay else get an ear-full from the waitress (or whomever).

Anyway, isn't it common to say 'keep the change' in the US? It rings a bell from paying for a taxi, for example, which is probably the most recent time I paid more than was being charged - in London in my case.

Comment The judge is wrong (Score 1) 241

I've seen and handled the Samsung tablet in question, and I own an iPad (a gift), and I conclude that the Samsung talbel is actually a lot cooler. For a start, the speakers actually face in the direction of the person looking at it, and not the other way - that makes it much better in my opinion.

Actually, it is really cool to be cool these days? I though Apple products are all passé now. Do people really still think they're cool? I would be embarrassed to be seen with one.

Comment Re:Need to take great caution with this (Score 1) 387

29MP? Like in a Nokia 808? Though that has a 41MP camera...yeah, it does some interesting things too, along the same lines as you mention.

Yeah, an excellent point. I wonder how *I* would react...probably not a lot differently to some of them. It makes me think of some comedy shows - a bit like Denis Pennis, for example, where he goes out of his way to be rude.

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