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Comment Re:Sad as it could be (Score 1) 2

Hmm. Yes, you're absolutely right on all counts. I'll change the text in the next release.

Truth is, I don't use Firefox myself; I'm not exactly sure what the procedure is for changing user stylesheets. How does this sound?

INSTALLATION (FIREFOX): You'll want to bracket this whole CSS file inside
    @-moz-document domain(slashdot.org) {
        [... CSS GOES HERE ...]
before plopping it into your userContent.css. This rule will prevent the
code within the curly braces from affecting sites other than Slashdot.
Anything more specific to add? Where does userContent.css belong in Camino, Firefox, and Mozilla?

Journal Journal: slashdot-shinyfix.css v.002 (8 Jun 2006) 2

slashdot-shinyfix.css v.002 (8 Jun 2006)

While Alex Bendiken's redesign of Slashdot is a very welcome change, it is not
without its shortcomings. In particular, many Slashdotters have expressed
disappointment with comment display. In hopes of improving Slashdot's
usability, while keeping with the spirit of Bendiken's redesign, this CSS
file aims to do the following:

Journal Journal: slashdot-shinyfix.css v.001 (5 Jun 2006) 3

slashdot-shinyfix.css v.001 (5 Jun 2006)

While Alex Bendiken's redesign of Slashdot is a very welcome change, not to
mention gorgeous, many Slashdotters have discovered deficiencies in the
resulting rendering. In particular, the usability of Slashdot's story
commenting has taken a beating. To ameliorate these "misfeatures", this CSS
file aims to do the following:

Journal Journal: What the hell is the name of this song? 4

For years now, I've been trying to find this song that I heard on the radio. I think it was at least 10 years ago, but I'm unsure about that. I've looked on google, but all I can find are a few other folks in the same situation, trying to find the same song.

It was a jaunty fast paced Christmas tune, sung by a Christmas turkey, excited because he'd been "invited" to dinner. I remember a few lines:

Oh, I've been invited for Christmas,
As a turkey I am blessed.

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