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Comment CF is bigger than SD (Score 1) 164

7MB/s is pretty slow by today's standards though. Most of my CF cards for my pair of D800E's are 30, 45, 90MB/s write.

A CF card is also physically a lot bigger than a microSD card, allowing the card's controller to stripe data across multiple flash chips the same way an SSD's controller does.

To a photographer nothing is worse and more distracting than a camera that doesn't go click when you push the shutter release!

I'm not familiar with DSLR cameras, the ones big enough to take a CF card instead of an SD card. Do they play a note after each shot whose pitch gives the photographer an idea of how full the buffer is?

Comment Re:A nuclear first strike... (Score 1) 369

Also, when the webpage redirects you to a processor for finalizing a payment, a lot of work can be lost.

I don't know what payment processor you're talking about, but my last employer used two: PayPal and Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net doesn't use client-side scripting at all. Does PayPal require the use of off-site scripts?

Comment High-definition video (Score 1) 164

And for things like watching movies or listening to music the slow cards should be enough

Music? Yes. Even lossless stereo audio rarely exceeds 1 Mbps. Standard-definition movies? Yes; DVD Video's maximum bit rate is 10 Mbps. High-definition movies? Not so much. BD Video's maximum bit rate is 54 Mbps. To rip in real time, you'd need at least 7 MB/s of write throughput, or something faster than a class 6.

Comment Continued violation (Score 1) 272

I'm aware of the statute of limitations that applies to violations more than several years ago as well as the laches rule blocking money damages for past infringement if the exclusive right owner is found to have intentionally delayed legal action. But anything Microsoft continues to distribute is probably considered a continued violation.

Comment Songwriters' trade group (Score 1) 272

RIAA - On warning for extinction.

Even if the trade group representing sellers of recordings of music is on warning for extinction, I don't see how the trade groups representing publishers of the underlying compositions are. These are the groups that get paid when you play songs on FM, XM, or Internet radio (BMI and ASCAP), and the groups that get paid when you record a cover version of a song (Harry Fox Agency). And these are the groups whose members can sue you for accidental plagiarism* should a song you write happen to be too similar to an existing song (see Bright Tunes Music v. Harrisongs Music).

* By plagiarism I mean uncredited infringement.

Comment Rephrased positively (Score 1) 728

So let me rephrase it positively: What steps should someone take to find a junior-level position in a given company? What should one do first to earn enough money to pay the cost of living during an internship? How should someone spin, say, part-time web application development experience when switching careers to full-time video game development?

Comment Re:The Catch-22 of work experience (Score 1) 728

junior level positions

Provided one opens up, and provided the junior level positions don't themselves require a degree.


How does one pay for the cost of living while on an internship?

"I have no degree or prior experience but I think I'd be great for that mid level programming job." Would you hire that guy?

How about "I have a degree, but my six years of experience are part-time and in another industry." Is that a disqualifier?

Comment Pointing devices (Score 1) 221

Why do you need a gamepad?

Because a mouse and keyboard are considered too bulky to use with multiple players sharing a PC, even if your operating system does provide a raw input API for multiple mice and multiple keyboards. And because a lot of households have only one PC that the family shares. And because platformers have tended to be less satisfying to me when played with a keyboard than when played with a gamepad.

world of goo

True, something like Lemmings or World of Goo would work great on a PC or tablet because it uses a pointing device in the same way an RTS uses a pointing device. But not all genres are made for pointing devices. How would you play Mario or Mega Man, for example, with a pointing device?

Comment People who live alone vs. with others (Score 1) 221

I guess I'm becoming the last of my generation, haha. I haven't owned a television in four years so my PC as become my primary source of entertainment.

What kind of chair do you and others living in your household use to watch a two-hour movie at your PC desk? Perhaps a PC is a better entertainment choice for people who live alone, but what do you recommend for mom, dad, and ~2.3 children?

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