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Comment Multiple gaming PCs for a household (Score 1) 587

PC's have higher initial HW costs (not including the monitor/TV and assuming you don't buy extra peripherals for the console)

That might be true for gamers who live alone, as they're more likely to stick to single-player and online multiplayer. But it breaks down once you count the cost of having to buy multiple gaming PCs and multiple copies of each game for a single household because PC games are less likely to support same-screen multiplayer with gamepads than console games. An extra controller for player 2 is far cheaper than an extra gaming PC. In fact, a lot of console games designed around same-screen multiplayer, such as fighting games, never get ported to PC at all (with the exception of Street Fighter 4).

Comment But will enough other people buy Ouya? (Score 1) 587

But will enough other people buy an Ouya console to make it an attractive target for smaller companies to develop new games? There are people who bought a lot of previous open systems (such as the GP2X) but ended up disappointed that there weren't a lot of games to buy for it.

Comment Download stores and PC online activation (Score 1) 587

Any company that doesn't let me resell games I have paid for (ie PURCHASED) will not be getting my money.

Let me guess: you haven't bought a PC game since 2004, you've never bought a smartphone or tablet game, and you've never bought a console game that wasn't on a cartridge or a disc. Is this true? To whom should a startup with a low budget be selling games if they're not big enough to fill a disc?

Comment Emulation with hacks is good enough (Score 1) 587

For a commercial emulator, you don't need the "accurate profile". Good-enough NES and Super NES emulators, such as LoopyNES and ZSNES, became playable on PCs sometime around the end of the fifth generation (PS1/N64 era). Some of these emulators achieved compatibility through hacks. The Xbox emulator in the Xbox 360 was likewise a pile of hacks, and only half the games ever got "profiles" (that is, hack packs) to make them run.

Comment Smaller case and entry barriers (Score 1) 587

The one thing that has kept consoles alive today was the fact that they weren't x86.

The original Xbox was x86, as others have pointed out. That and the fact that consoles come in a much smaller case than the typical PC, encouraging the use of a TV-sized monitor and multiple gamepads. And the fact that consoles have an entry barrier so that players don't have to sort through crap made by startup companies to find a playable game.

Comment Unified memory (Score 1) 587

The only potentially troublesome thing is the shared GDDR5 memory between the GPU and the CPU which is something you won't find in a normal PC.

DDR5? I have been using DDR5 since 2003 when I first discovered StepMania. In fact, I discovered Dance Dance Revolution in the first place through an animutation called "We Drink Ritalin", which was based on the song "Hot Limit" by John Desire, which appeared in Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix.

But seriously, shared memory between the GPU and the CPU has been around a long time. The GameCube had it. The Xbox had it. And the Xbox 360 had it. Just as in PCs with Intel graphics prior to Sandy Bridge, the Xbox 360's "Xenos" GPU was on the northbridge.

Comment Indies and multiple gamepads (Score 1) 393

it will likely leave a vacuum for indie developers to come in and not have to compete with the large development shops that are currently entrenched there.

But will it leave enough of a vacuum that people will become willing to buy a PC and hook it up to the TV? Until people are willing to do that, or unless Ouya happens to catch on in the way that things like GP2X didn't, only the entrenched large development shops will be able to release games in genres traditionally played with multiple gamepads on a big-screen TV.

Comment There are sex offenders and then there are rapists (Score 1) 393

The funny thing is that people that makes comments like yours DON'T have children

You are correct that I have no children of my own, but I have babysat my aunt's children.

I have 3 registered sex offenders that live within 2 miles of my house

Did these people become registered sex offenders for unwanted sexual contact with another person or just for urinating in public? And is there a reason parents can't just teach their children to stay away from sex offenders' residences rather than just playing indoors all the time?

Comment SAT and ACT demand buttons (Score 1) 233

Anonymous Coward wrote:

Are we paying for buttons here?

You're paying for buttons because SAT and ACT demand buttons. It's like the handheld video game market, where the developer pays for buttons by navigating the developer and game approval of Sony (PSP/PS Vita) and Nintendo (DS/3DS) for games in genres that aren't very suitable for a phone's touch screen.

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