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Comment Tablet size vs. phone size (Score 1) 179

Anonymous Coward wrote:

You don't want to tile anything on a small mobile device screen.

Could you elaborate? A 7" tablet's screen is big enough to contain two windows the size of a phone's screen, and a 10" tablet's screen is as big as that of the laptops they were selling from 2009-2012. I have one of those laptops, and I have no problem putting two 80-column text editor windows side by side. The only thing missing from Android is a manifest flag for flexible screen size that would allow this sort of window management. Currently, applications are allowed to assume window size is fixed at install time.

Comment All maximized all the time (Score 1) 179

Mark Shuttleworth said in the article: "What's nice about Ubuntu is the phase change to the PC experience up from the tablet really just introduces window management." Does this mean that Ubuntu on tablets will run all maximized all the time, even when a tablet is docked to a keyboard? That hurts my use case, which involves doing a little Python coding during the commute. I currently have a 10" laptop, and my setup in IDLE puts a source code editor window down one half of the screen and a second source code editor or the output window down the other. But with the discontinuation of 10" laptops at the end of last year, I don't know where I'd go.

Comment PC to TV (Score 1) 393

I have a 55" HD LCD in my living room connected to a surround sound amp, and I can game from my recliner.

Any PC will support that setup as well. All PCs have VGA out, and newer PCs have DVI or HDMI out. All LCD HDTVs have HDMI in, which is compatible with DVI signals, and most LCD HDTVs have VGA in. So except for a few edge cases with a VGA-only PC and an HDMI-only TV, you can still game from your recliner with a PC, a gamepad, and a TV. And I'd bet there are more games for PC that aren't on Xbox 360 than there are games for Xbox 360 that aren't on PC.

Comment Console bureaucracy (Score 1) 393

And, you know, game makers, since a more stable and known platform to make things for makes for less development headaches for supporting whatever bizarre way people could have their PC set up for.

For smaller game makers, navigating PC hardware diversity has often proven easier than navigating the console makers' developer and game approval bureaucracy.

Comment And how much for a taxi when buses don't run? (Score 1) 245

Even if you're paying $100 for a public transport monthly pass, it would take around 15 years to make up for purchasing a vehicle

And how much for a taxi to get somewhere at night or on Sunday, when no buses run at all in my home town? And how would you haul a week's worth of groceries for the family?

Comment Re:Chicago is better then other citys and price is (Score 1) 245

People now choose where to live based on many factors other than where they work (neighborhood, price, schools, amenities like parks or natural environments)

Or two-income households, with one adult working on one side of town and the other on the other. Or the business relocating to a different location.

Comment Buses don't run at night or on Sundays (Score 1) 245

I do take the bus to and from work but often not elsewhere. In some cases, it takes as long to walk from home to the nearest bus stop and from the nearest bus stop to the destination as it takes to just drive to work. In other cases, buses don't run at all at night, on Sundays, or on the six major holidays. There are even parts of Fort Wayne that Citilink doesn't serve at all on Saturdays.

Comment The problem is that 10" laptops are discontinued (Score 1) 245

Have you ever tried to use a laptop on a fucking bus? It's about as easy as doing it in a car

I use my 10" laptop on a bus. I use my 10" laptop in a car. I have had no problems with it. The only problem is that they don't make 10" laptops anymore because the rest of the market failed to appreciate their versatility advantage over tablets that run smartphone operating systems with their all-maximized-all-the-time window management policies.

Add in the probability that someone will try and steal it

It's a bit hard to steal it when it's stuffed in a messenger bag with the strap across my chest and back. One advantage of the 10" laptops was that they would easily fit in such a bag.

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