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Comment Server Name Indication (Score 1) 263

I have precisely zero interest in software updates for a phone, as long as it keeps working the same as when I bought it.

Except it won't "keep[] working the same as when [you] bought it." Security vulnerabilities might be discovered in the operating system. Web sites might start relying on features that the phone's browser doesn't support, such as new JavaScript APIs in the HTML5 stable, and showing you an error message when they fail to detect it. Or they might start relying on features that the operating system's SSL stack doesn't support, such as Server Name Indication (SNI), which is required for name-based virtual hosting of multiple customers' SSL sites, and showing you a certificate error when your browser asks for "first certificate on this IP address" rather than "certificate for". SNI is becoming increasingly important in the era of Firesheep and IPv4 address exhaustion, and Android didn't get support for it until Honeycomb (3.0) on tablets and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) on phones.

Comment This handful is larger on consoles (Score 1) 245

thats great for the handful of games that have local multiplayer

This handful is larger on consoles than on PCs. There are entire local-multiplayer-centric genres that tend not to get ported to PC, such as party games and fighting games.

but unfortunately that feature has also been stripped

Every Call of Duty game that I've seen still supports split-screen on the Xbox 360. But you're right that I quit Animal Crossing when I discovered that despite the huge CPU power and resolution increase from the DS to Wii, City Folk didn't have split-screen.

Comment First use in commerce (Score 1) 102

isn't it a shame that the term has been around since long before the comic book was ever thought of?

What trademark law cares about with respect to priority is the "first use in commerce", that is, whether the term has been used as the distinctive name of a product or service. Did the first use of "Batman" in commerce occur before May 1939, when Detective Comics #27 was first published?

Comment man tail (Score 1) 736

What you are describing is stuff to go into log files.

In which case displaying the title of the current step becomes an option to expand or collapse a view of the tail of the log file inside the progress window. I've seen such a "show details"/"hide details" control in Nullsoft installers on Windows and in Update Manager on Ubuntu. Or are you talking about hiding the entire log file from the user's view until the entire process has completed or failed, so that the user has nothing to Google until it's too late?

Comment Which "four other platforms"? (Score 1) 245

Plus why should I pay $15 for a title on my xbox when I can get the same game cheaper on four other platforms for less?

Are these smartphone or tablet platforms? If so, then you probably didn't get a gamepad unless the platform was Android and the device was Xperia Play. Or are these console platforms? If so, then they lack anything like the $1, $3, and $5 games in the Indie Games section.

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