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Comment Re:Help me chase down this 3% (Score 1) 459

In my day, it was a stepping stone and if you were halfway competent, showed up and was ready on time, you easily got raises out of minimum wage rates.

Easily, but how quickly? Quickly enough to catch the second semester?

Or it would require you to find friends who are going to the same school and can give you a lift (even if only to the bus stop), or you could walk a bit. I hear riding a bike is the new "cool" thing to do.

Like a bus, a bicycle or carpool isn't so convenient for someone whose parents happen to live 50 miles (80 km) away from college.

Getting a used car and driving yourself probably isn't out of the question either.

The state of Indiana requires 50 hours of supervised driving practice on a valid learner's permit, at least 10 of those hours at night, before issuing a driver's license. How much does 50 hours of a driving instructor's time cost?

You should be able to get around 3% in ETFs. There are finds currently posting 14% for the 5 year.

I thought ETFs were likely to lose a substantial portion of their principal in a recession.

Comment Steve Jobs's car analogy about iPad limits (Score 1) 340

Steve Jobs said: "I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer"

That's what a Mac is for. Mr. Jobs once made an analogy of the difference between an iPad and a Mac to a car and a truck. I guess he would have wanted everybody in whatever country to learn how to program on a Mac at home.

Comment Help me chase down this 3% (Score 2) 459

You do not really have to pay all your costs of the degree up front the first year in [Indiana] do you?

No, but a part-time minimum-wage job isn't always enough for tuition, fees, textbooks, room, and board either.

Finding work that pays enough to save and live off of might be difficult so living at home during those years might be a necessity.

So you propose to eliminate the "room" and part of the "board" (meals). But this would require the parents to move within bus range of college.

the state appears to give the principal of the child's high school absolute power to veto a work permit

the school can also over ride the work permit

I think that's what I was referring to.

If your parents put the equivilent of $10 a week (40 a month) back and earned just 3% interest over 18 years

When I discovered that JPMorgan Chase was paying 0.01% on savings accounts and 0.35% on a 5-year certificate of deposit, I looked into other banks. As of right now, for example, Ally is paying 1.50% for a 5-year CD. Where are you finding this 3%?

Comment Varies from state to state (Score 1) 459

I worked at after-school jobs when I was fifteen, I never had to get permission from my school.

That depends on what state you lived in. Some states, such as my native Indiana, require the school to issue a work permit for any employee under 18 who hasn't graduated from high school.

What point are you actually trying to make with the 'planning sex' comment?

Planning for a birth soon after the school cutoff date ensures that the child will be 18 for most of his or her senior year.

Comment Free users are redirected to the Unauthorized page (Score 3, Insightful) 340

a free Apple developer account wasn't enough to view the Guidelines.

Well, you could sign into apple's developer website with your free account and read the latest ones.

I did that. It didn't work.

Five minutes ago, I visited the Guidelines index, clicked the link "App Store Review Guidelines", was prompted to log in with my Apple ID, and was redirected to the unauthorized page: "Sorry, you cannot access this page."

Comment Having insurance but no home (Score 1) 459

Not having insurance is a choice.

Not for people who applied for a few dozen jobs offering health insurance, were turned down by all, and faced the Hobson's choice of a job with no health insurance or no job. Or to put it another way, having insurance but no home is also a choice.

Comment Birthday late in the school year (Score 1) 459

one working themselves when they are of age

I don't see how that would help much. A lot of students have their birthday late in the school year, which means they're applying for college before they turn 18. I looked into child labor law in Indiana, and the state appears to give the principal of the child's high school absolute power to veto a work permit. Or do you mean that parents should plan their sex based on the state's kindergarten cutoff so that their kids turn 18 earlier in the school year?

Comment Soda saves me money (Score 3, Interesting) 459

by drinking water instead of three sodas a day

I have a mental disability whose treatment requires stimulant medication. I went on Diet Mtn Dew (caffeine) at $1 per day to get off Strattera (atomoxetine) at $4 per day plus the cost of regular doctor visits to renew the prescription.

they can easily afford in-state tuition at a good university.

But would that cover textbooks, room and board, and the like? If you mean that the kids should go to school in town and live with parents, that would require the parents to spend even more to move within public transit range of the school.

Comment I picked a name (Score 1) 340

Anonymous Coward wrote:

Or do they just mean "screen based computing device with flashy colors/sounds"?

Yes. Any electronic device bigger than a typical wristwatch and not specifically approved for a class or mentioned in a student's IEP was banned as disruptive to the classroom and subject to confiscation. I used iOS and Android devices as familiar examples of devices that clearly fall within the ban. To be more concrete: It was a lot more acceptable to whip out a TI-83 and play Drug Wars after completing one's assignment than it would be to whip out an iPod touch.

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