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Comment Console voice chat (Score 1) 180

Seriously, what is the point of communications software that only talks to devices from one brand???

I was under the impression that Wii Speak could talk only to other Wii Speak users, Xbox Live voice chat could talk only to other Xbox 360 users, and PS3 voice chat could talk only to other PS3 users. Is this true? And I know two wrongs don't make a right, but still, how is it any better or worse than the proprietary nature of FaceTime?

Comment Keeping in touch (Score 1) 284

You keep in touch with them after you graduate.

Unfortunately, I ended up failing to keep in touch with my classmates and professors in a systematic way. Do I now have to go back for a master's for a second chance at getting a set of social acquaintances? Or is there an easier way?

Comment So what should an Aspie do to improve? (Score 1) 284

Over 50% of jobs are got through networking.

So what should one do in order to start getting better at networking? I gather that a Cisco certificate won't help with this particular kind of networking.

Capitalism's not just about financial capital: it's about intellectual (you might have this) and social (many geeks don't have this, although the stereotype's changed).

Many geeks became geeks because they don't have this. I, for one, have a diagnosed disability affecting social interaction. I want to overcome it, but I don't know how what I should do as the first step.

Comment The iPhone isn't free (Score 1) 179

Anonymous Coward wrote:

a small company's attempt to compete in the marketplace against a free offering from Apple.

FaceTime is available bundled with the iPhone, and the iPhone itself is not a free offering. VirnetX could have tried to make its application a standard across every platform that isn't Apple's.

Comment Re:Help me chase down this 3% (Score 1) 459

I can't tell if you are trolling me or if you are young and inexperienced.

The latter. I used to listen to Dave Ramsey occasionally until the local AM station dropped his show. In any case, I seek surefire ways to bootstrap oneself out of poverty without going into debt, and I've been basing examples on situations that have occurred within my own extended family.

Comment Re:Help me chase down this 3% (Score 1) 459

Nothing can be easy enough for you it would seem.

My sister is a junior in high school and lives with our mother and her father in the country, and I'm trying to figure out how she can attend college without having to rent a room. But I would agree that this is easier for students whose parents live in the city than for students whose parents live in the country.

Car pool

Do colleges tend to offer services to match non-driver students with carpool drivers who live nearby?

or ride a bike to the bus. Do anything you can. check out community colleges

It's still a 34 mile ride each way between Warren, IN, and the Fort Wayne bus system (source: Google Maps).

[Required supervised driving] costs nothing but expenses of the car.

That and somehow figuring out how to afford to pay another licensed driver over 25 to sit in the car. Some parents are willing to do this for free; other parents aren't.

Not likely ETFs are day traded so sudden drops in value is mitigated.

If the S&P 500 loses 10% in a year, an ETF that tracks the S&P 500 will lose 10%. I don't see what sort of ETF would have lost only 5% when the S&P lost 20% (from ~1200 to ~960) in the 2008 correction. Besides, doesn't one already have to have a few thousand dollars to start buying shares in an ETF without having most of the investment eaten up in trading fees?

Comment Housing costs (Score 1) 459

How far can you walk in a day?

The farthest I've ever walked continuously on foot is eight miles, but I've done 25 miles on a bicycle. What does that distance imply, other than that I'm out of shape?

In any case, I was referring to places with expensive housing like the northeast and California areas, where housing costs tend to run double the U.S. average according to this slideshow.

Comment How to root Nexus 7 without wipe? (Score 1) 340

Second, even if a user is not-so-savvy, there's no inherent requirement to wipe it in order to have root access. While certain methods of acquiring root on certain locked-down devices may require that, none of the 3 Android devices I've had have required it.

My tablet is a first-generation ASUS Nexus 7 running Android 4.3. Everything I've read about rooting it refers to fastboot oem unlock, which implies a wipe. is there another method that works reliably on this device without a wipe?

Comment How to infringe copyright with data compression (Score 1) 106

The smallest of those problems is the question about who decides what is a representative corpus.

Wikipedia's article about LTO claims that the algorithm is based on Hifn's LZS, and benchmarks are relative to the Calgary corpus.

An example of something which is clearly cheating would be to define the compression such that if the input is identical to the benchmark corpus, then the compressed output is simply a single zero bit.

This would require the compressor and decompressor to contain an exact copy of the benchmark corpus, which would likely result in copyright problems.

In certain scenarios you would get around that sort of "cheating" by measuring not just the size of the compressed data but also the size of the decompression code. That however requires somebody to specify on what platform the code will have to run.

I assume it would run on whatever platform the drive's microcontroller uses, and compression on an MCU might not favor use of a multimegabyte corpus. But I see your point that more transparency in this benchmarking would be good for consumers.

Comment Re:Help me chase down this 3% (Score 1) 459

In my day, it was a stepping stone and if you were halfway competent, showed up and was ready on time, you easily got raises out of minimum wage rates.

Easily, but how quickly? Quickly enough to catch the second semester?

Or it would require you to find friends who are going to the same school and can give you a lift (even if only to the bus stop), or you could walk a bit. I hear riding a bike is the new "cool" thing to do.

Like a bus, a bicycle or carpool isn't so convenient for someone whose parents happen to live 50 miles (80 km) away from college.

Getting a used car and driving yourself probably isn't out of the question either.

The state of Indiana requires 50 hours of supervised driving practice on a valid learner's permit, at least 10 of those hours at night, before issuing a driver's license. How much does 50 hours of a driving instructor's time cost?

You should be able to get around 3% in ETFs. There are finds currently posting 14% for the 5 year.

I thought ETFs were likely to lose a substantial portion of their principal in a recession.

Comment Steve Jobs's car analogy about iPad limits (Score 1) 340

Steve Jobs said: "I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer"

That's what a Mac is for. Mr. Jobs once made an analogy of the difference between an iPad and a Mac to a car and a truck. I guess he would have wanted everybody in whatever country to learn how to program on a Mac at home.

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