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Comment When TV costs negative dollars per month (Score 1) 223

There are millions out there with cable internet and no TV -- and the cable companies do it willingly; I don't think they would do it if it really caused significant price pressure on the TV side of the house.

Anonymous Coward reports that some cable companies charge more for dry Internet than for Internet + TV.

Comment Live sports (Score 1) 223

That's called an antenna. Say it with me. "An-TEN-na." It magically sucks network TV signals right out of the air. For everything else, we have Netflix and Hulu. And you don't. Get off my lawn.

With antenna + Netflix + Hulu Plus, you still miss out on Monday Night Football. And without cable, you may end up stuck on slow DSL.

Comment Re: Will it work with game consoles? (Score 1) 139

Also, when you can have a gaming PC why would you ever want a glorified netbook with a laptop video card glued to it?

Because if you have more than one gamer in the household, you don't always want to have to buy two to four gaming PCs and two to four copies of each game. One console, one copy of each game, and two to four controllers are cheaper, even with console maker markup on the games. Even though console games are somewhat less likely to support same-screen multiplayer than they used to, I'm under the impression that console games are still more likely to support it than PC games. (And no, same-screen doesn't necessarily mean split-screen, especially for things like beat-em-ups, non-first-person shooters, and fighting games.)

Comment Carmack on VR Latency (Score 1) 139

For FPS's when you rotate all around, or for action movies where the camera moves quickly, all of the screen is updated.

Then make "scroll rectangle" one of the primitives in the screen difference protocol. If the camera turns, scroll the data in the frame buffer at the same speed that the camera turns. Sure, there'll be artifacts near the HUD, but overall, that should provide the illusion of less latency. MPEG-4 ASP (e.g. DivX, Xvid) uses this technique under the name "global motion compensation", but ultimately, the concept dates back to motion vectors way back in the H.261 era.

Comment MITM in the wild (Score 4, Insightful) 168

They annoy users by panicing any time a certificate is signed by an authority not on the list.

This is desired behavior for SSL. Otherwise, a man in the middle could start his own private CA and issue certs for each site that you view. Bug 460374 shows MITM in the wild. If I wanted to verify self-signed certificates through route diversity, I'd install the Perspectives extension. (And I have.)

When Google released Chrome, Firefox decided they wanted to have a Chrome-like super fast release cycle, which hurt extensions.

It hurt native extensions other than NPAPI media handlers, but it led to a more-or-less stable API for writing extensions completely in JavaScript.

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