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Comment Stickers (Score 4, Interesting) 496

When you're not a computer geek or Microsoft employee, you don't necessarily touch computers every day, and trying to remember which hot corner to touch or where your application is, or how to get out of a full screen Metro app, is not something they're going to remember or even want to try to figure out.

Then put stickers on the four corners of the monitor: "<- Start Screen" at the bottom left, "<- Switch App" at the top left, and "-> Charms" at the top right. It'd be like the cardboard overlays on the F keys back in the DOS days.

Comment Undervalued currencies (Score 2) 496

unlike Linux, Windows costs me money.

I'd wager a good amount that you dick around for hours making linux 'work appropriately'

This sounds like the old saw "Linux is free iff your time is worth nothing." But in practice, the time/money tradeoff isn't the same in all situations. Someone might be learning to operate a computer on the meager amount that a minor is allowed to earn under child labor laws. Building a nettop out of a Raspberry Pi with GNU/Linux is cheaper than building a PC with Windows. Or the Balassa-Samuelson model demonstrates how countries without a mature export industry tend to have undervalued currencies. People in such countries have to buy Windows in US dollars, which are worth more hours of their labor than would be the case for someone in a G8 country buying Windows.

Comment I'm confused about your ISP's metering policy (Score 1) 290

Since when does traffic from Netflix, Amazon, or foreign counterparts not count toward the monthly total? Or are you referring to subscribing to cable TV in addition to Internet and then using video on demand through your cable box? And since when does traffic from the PlayStation Store not count toward the monthly total? Perhaps I've never heard of your ISP or its policies, or perhaps you live in the southern hemisphere (NZAU) and the ISP meters only international traffic. Please explain further.

Comment Things in the 10 GB or more range (Score 1) 290

I don't really know what i'd do with that much bandwidth anyway... apart from maybe download movies and games that I hadn't paid for

Or for streaming high-definition movies that you have paid for. Or for downloading Blu-ray-sized PS3 games from PlayStation Store.

Comment Wee hours (Score 1) 290

If I can't get the 15Mb/sec they advertise, why bother, right?

Have you tried downloading big files between midnight and 6 AM local time to narrow down where the congestion might be? Some satellite ISPs even turn the meter off during those hours to encourage customers to shift their big downloads to the wee hours when their bandwidth is underused.

Comment Switch to whom? (Score 1) 290

If [Comcast] started adding charges on your bill, it might prompt you to switch service

To whom? Dial-up? Satellite and cellular have caps and strictly enforce them.

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