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Comment ICS needs more RAM (Score 2) 41

If it managed to release prior to ICS, *maybe* it could have had an in, but as it stands Android is just too capable and clean.

Clean, but not lean. This article claims that Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) requires more RAM than Firefox OS, and I guess that's why 256 MB devices are stuck on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Comment I'd like to see a copy of the lease terms (Score 0) 41

that phone may actually have been subsidized (rented) from AT&T and is therefore still their property technically

Since when are subsidized phones actually leased? I thought they were purchased on the condition that the owner would pay the remainder of the subsidy when terminating service early. I'd like to see a copy of the contract that declares it a lease.

Another thing I should point out. Carriers don't operate the same way outside of the USA.

Slashdot is a Dice Holdings, Inc. service, and Dice is inside of the USA. Not everybody has the ability to leave the USA just for better phone service.

Comment Unlike your 24" monitor, a TV has... (Score 1) 385

I have a 46" TV. I have no cable.

You can still use it with an antenna to receive over-the-air signals. And unlike your 24" monitor, a TV probably came with 1. composite inputs, 2. YPbPr analog component inputs, and 3. an audio output. Composite and YPbPr component inputs are useful for legacy SDTV picture sources, such as VHS decks and any video game console older than Xbox 360 S, PlayStation 3, or Wii U. An audio output is helpful because HDMI devices transmit audio in the blanking intervals of the video instead of sending it on a separate cable.

So basically the same function, yet one would be called a TV, the other a computer.

They're sold in different sections of the electronics store because the big manufacturers that make mass-market consumer products don't feel like confusing the user. If a monitor has no speakers but is used as a TV, a manufacturer would have to deal with expensive support calls asking why the user can't plug in his Nintendo and can't hear what the people on TV are saying.

Comment Where the person controls the computing (Score 1) 385

The rule of thumb is that a PC is a machine that can run the x86 build of DOS and/or Windows natively.

Consider a device that allows the person who owns it to control what computing is done on it without having to ask the operating system publisher "mother may I". Do you have a clear, concise term for such a device?

Comment Only a niche want to "solve original problems" (Score 1) 385

My definition is more along the lines of "a device that provides data-processing tools to help the user solve original problems."

I agree with you. But the claim of the post-PC crowd is that outside of businesses, people who want to "solve original problems" form a tiny, commercially insignificant niche.

Comment Personal computing vs. "mother may I" computing (Score 1) 385

If you attach an external keyboard to a tablet it becomes a laptop with a touch input as a mouse. Thats a PC to me.

I agree, so long as the person who owns a device gets to control what computing is done on it. An Android or Windows 8 tablet is a personal computer; iPad and Surface RT, not so much. If you have to ask the OS publisher "mother may I" before installing anything, it's not really your personal computer.

Comment Programmable GPU (Score 1) 385

The next big thing is H.265-- and I'm guessing there will be a few years of people complaining about battery life and high cpu-load until video chipsets incorporate dedicated circuitry.

Since 2007, the programmable GPU has become commonplace. Watch some smart guy implement some of the processing passes of VP9 and H.265 as shaders.

Comment Am I the "out", or am I the "liar"? (Score 1) 385

1. More people use computing devices than ever before
2. More people carry around their computing devices than ever before

Facts 1 and 2 are consistent with my use of a 10" laptop to code on hobby projects while riding the bus to and from work. Programming is one thing that tablets have historically been bad at, especially Apple tablets. Once this 10" laptop finally dies, I worry about what I'll use next.

3. Many (most?) people use computing devices to consume media being it music, movies, or web pages (posted). The one outlier is text messaging and Facebook posts which both seem to be quite conducive to most common computing platforms

So am I the "out", or am I the "liar"?

Comment Feature phones (Score 2) 41

Why the fuck would they? Android is available on cheap phones

CDMA2000 carriers have been known to refuse to activate Android phones on voice-only plans, and GSM carriers have been known to "cram" expensive data plans onto a voice-only SIM inserted into a smartphone. This is just speculation, but perhaps a carrier might find some reason to charge less per month for a Firefox OS device than for an Android device. If the billing department of the wireless carrier with the best coverage in your area had a policy of treating Firefox OS phones as "feature phones" and Android phones as "smartphones", and you were on a budget, what would you choose?

Comment Software development as a hobby (Score 1) 385

However PC's would probably be more like Workstations reserved for more computer intensive work such as Software Development

I code in Python on my netbook. If a tablet with a keyboard can't do this, and devices capable of software development become no longer affordable to the general public, then on what machine should high school kids be exposed to programming?

Comment Seven advantages of PlayStation 4 over PCs (Score 1) 385

Hairy, meet Crono. I know console fans have some points, and I know PC fans have some points, and I just want to make sure I have the complete picture.

Thanks to the blessing that is HDMI its beyond butt simple to plug a PC into a TV

But you'll need the right case in order to get a spouse to agree.

and you'll be rocking your games in glorious 1080P in no time, with your choice of controller. Hell with Steam having Big Picture mode

Does Steam support buying in Big Picture mode? And a few weeks ago, I tried going to Big Picture mode on Steam on my aunt's PC running Windows 8 (with Classic Shell) and either Steam crashed or the video driver crashed.

if they want to game i can take something like this quad core

PlayStation 4 has eight cores. Eight is greater than four.

and just have me slap it into one of the mini cases

For one thing, you don't serve my area. For another, a PlayStation 4 allows one to walk in and walk out 15 minutes later with a console.

So if they want to sell more PCs and laptops frankly they need to be putting out some ads showing folks just how easy it is

Someone in another thread claims that any gaming PC under $500 will lack most or all of these:

  • An 8-core CPU. It's a Jaguar; do the ma+h.
  • 8 GB of unified memory at least as fast as GDDR5.
  • Ease of use: downloadable games for the platform can be installed through a one-step, controller-operated game installer, as opposed to clicking through EULA, what components to install and where, etc. I'm told GOG installers are traditional mouse-driven Windows installers.
  • Ease of use: not having to troubleshoot Windows administration problems or Wine incompatibilities.
  • A wide selection of AAA games in genres historically under-represented on PCs, including "3D platformers, singing games (and music games in general), light gun games, kart racers," and Eastern-style role-playing games.
  • A consumer electronics-style case as a standard feature.
  • Availability in a brick-and-mortar store in under an hour.

What answer should I give?

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