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Comment 36em out of 120em (Score 1) 291

So what's the best practice for a web site to use all 116em* of a 1920x1200 monitor's active width without making the main text column wider than the 30-36em** that's best for readability?

* Assuming the default font size of 16px per em, minus 2em for scrollbars and 2em for outer margins.
** Assuming the 80-character line length and just over 2 characters per em.

Comment Spoiler (Score 1) 545

Why watch live and be force fed commercials?!?

So that you know the final score the moment it becomes final without spoiling the rest of the game. As far as I can tell, it's OK to DVR it and fast-forward past the downtime and commercials between plays, so long as the viewer has caught up to live by the fourth quarter's two-minute warning.

Comment Re:What OUYA was supposed to do (Score 1) 312

PC games rarely have multiplayer.

Nschubach would disagree, citing this list. Even if it is a problem, I would volunteer to be among the first to fix this problem by having my team develop couch-centered PC games. But naysayers on Slashdot keep telling me that even if someone were to make and sell a PC game focused around couch multiplayer, nobody would buy it because nobody is willing to build a second PC for the living room just for one game.

Comment Live sports (Score 1) 545

And once we kill television schedules and make everything on demand

I don't see how that can happen. There's a strong preference for watching sport telecasts with a delay of less than thirty seconds after the action happens. Cable companies have realized that this is their big advantage over "over the top" VOD-over-IP services such as Netflix, with Xfinity (Comcast's home brand) advertising that it has "the most live sports."

Comment Re:Kindle OS is not on phones (Score 1) 390

I'm under the impression that not enough major phone apps are in Amazon Appstore, seeing as most Android phones in North America and presumably Europe already come with Google Play. Other than the free app of the day promotion and apps specially tuned for 7-8" tablets, I don't see any compelling advantages to Amazon Appstore that outweigh the reluctance of developers to pay yet another $99 per year recurring fee. Or is said reluctance itself an advantage?

Comment Re:It's A Dumb "Standard" (Score 1) 291

You're breaking one of the fundamental rules of working with digital monitors: if you can see the individual pixels, then you're sitting too close.

I can see the edges of pixels on every Nintendo handheld I've looked at, from the original Game Boy through the 3DS XL, while I hold it in my hands at a comfortable distance. Am I holding it too close?

Comment Twice 960x1080 (Score 1) 291

this is compounded by the fact that a lot of web developers are still making content that assumes we're back in the age of non-widescreen monitors

It appears a lot of web designers design their layouts for an 8:9 display with close to 960x1080 pixels. Snap one browser window to half of your screen and something else to the other half.

Comment Tecmo Bowl (Score 1) 291

If, however, it simply isn't possible to cater to people who I need as customers if my environment has 500 NPC armies clashing

If a 1.8 MHz, 1-core, 8-bit NES can have 22 guys on the field in Tecmo Bowl, then why can't a 1.8 GHz, 2+-core, 64-bit PC have 22,000 guys on the field?

Comment Logic frames (Score 1) 291

Some games use "frames" only as a discrete time unit for game simulation. Tetris the Grand Master series is tightly coupled to a 60 Hz update rate. Players expect that rotation, sideways motion, and downward motion happen in that order each frame to make "synchro" moves (slide moves that combine rotation with sideways autorepeat) work correctly. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is tied to frames as well. Game simulation frames happen at a steady 60 fps; if rendering lags, some game simulation frames just don't get rendered.

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