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Comment Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea (Score 1) 418

We are certainly at the point where we can watch whatever we want when we want. We have been for a number of years now. [...] Piracy isn't required. Merchants will happily sell you stuff

"Certainly" is a strong word. So where can a U.S. resident lawfully download or stream the film Song of the South and the TV series Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea?

Comment Availability of big monitors (Score 1) 418

It's like when game developers started making co-op games on took them decades to realize that people like playing games together, despite people doing the same thing in arcades in the 70s and 80s

What took decades was availability of computer displays big enough to fit two to four people around. From 1987 when the VGA came out to 2007 when HDTVs became affordable was "decades". During that period, the only way to view PC video on the big screen without opening the case was through a scan converter, an obscure device that converts VGA to composite video.

Comment Dumb display (Score 1) 418

you can also get a dumb display of competing size and resolution for much, much less.

Would such a dumb display allow hearing the audio carried on the HDMI port? Would it work with my existing low-definition (classic video game consoles), standard-definition (non-HD cable channels), enhanced-definition (Wii), and ATSC (U.S. terrestrial broadcast video) sources?

Comment Mutually exclusive (Score 1) 773

MP3, H.264 video[...] yes, these proprietary, locked down formats MUST GO!

Those formats are subject to royalty-bearing patents, and the multimedia playing component of iOS makes no provision for similarly capable royalty-free formats.

I can decide quite easily what to install on my device: if I want to install stuff from the Google store, I buy an Android device. If I want to install stuff from the Apple store, I buy an Apple device.

So what do you buy if you want to install something exclusive to the Google store and something exclusive to the Apple store?

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