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Comment Re:Seven advantages of PlayStation 4 over PCs (Score 1) 385

First, let me reiterate: As a hobbyist game developer, I'm not the console fan, unless by console you mean OUYA. I'm presenting fan arguments to you because I'm trying to work with you to figure out the most effective way to convince PS4 fans that HTPCs are suitable for more than a tiny niche of geeks. Both console fans like him and HTPC fans like us have misconceptions, and I'm trying to correct them. Thank you for working with me so far.

The SCOTUS has ruled that format shifting falls under fair use

Fair use is a defense only to copyright infringement. One can commit circumvention without infringing the copyright itself. Universal v. Reimerdes. I will confess to a crime right here: I have used VLC to rip CSS'd DVDs for private use and for inclusion of short clips in criticisms.

Or how many had to hunt for the older PS3s if they wanted backwards compatibility which isn't a problem on the PC?

Is Windows 7/8's compatibility with Windows 95 games better than the PS1 emulator in the PS3 and PS4?

I can fire up an emulator and in seconds be playing the very first game I EVER owned, Pong

When you build a PC for someone who owns a copy of Pong for Atari 2600, how do you recommend that he copy his Atari 2600 cartridges into the PC?

But with win 7 and Win 8 being the same price its really a moot point

You can't install Windows 7 OEM on a PC that you plan to use yourself; you have to get your PC builder to install it for you. This "Personal Use License" is another new feature in Windows 8.

nobody gives a rat's ass about GDDR 5, okay? NOBODY.

Thank you. For each "nobody builds an HTPC" I can cite your "nobody cares about GDDR5 as main system memory".

I can also quadruple my HDD space, add SSDs if I want

Also true of PS3 and PS4. Even the maligned Xbox One will support external HDDs and SSDs that connect through SuperSpeed USB.

As for how DRM gets in the way, did you not pay attention to the xbone? Or that Sony has a similar mechanism that devs can opt in for?

I thought that soon after Microsoft announced this originally planned antifeature of Xbox One, Sony announced that it would not implement this mechanism for disc games.

and WTF are you talking about raiding parts for?

To afford to build a console-competitive HTPC for the price of a console. Too may people see the sticker price of the system and don't want to pay 21.9% interest to borrow the money to have a local PC builder build a brand new HTPC.

Comment Two PC133 slots (Score 1) 407

And what do you think happens on a desktop or server? The memory is shared by multiple processes/programs.

A server is probably running a lot more tasks at once than a desktop, and the amount of memory per task may in fact be less for a server than for a desktop. This is why an entry-level virtual private server has less RAM than even an entry-level desktop PC.

It's not the world's fault that the vendors sucker you into crap hardware with only 512MB of RAM.

The desktop box in question was probably built a decade ago when 512 MB was a lot. It shipped with 128 MB and the motherboard had two PC133 slots that maxed out at 256 MB each.

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