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Comment Two PC133 slots (Score 1) 407

And what do you think happens on a desktop or server? The memory is shared by multiple processes/programs.

A server is probably running a lot more tasks at once than a desktop, and the amount of memory per task may in fact be less for a server than for a desktop. This is why an entry-level virtual private server has less RAM than even an entry-level desktop PC.

It's not the world's fault that the vendors sucker you into crap hardware with only 512MB of RAM.

The desktop box in question was probably built a decade ago when 512 MB was a lot. It shipped with 128 MB and the motherboard had two PC133 slots that maxed out at 256 MB each.

Comment Committing unsaved changes (Score 1) 407

There is a strange obsession among many that the only good RAM is empty RAM. Don;t shunt stuff out of memory until you need to

For one thing, shunting stuff out of memory involves committing unsaved changes to slow disk or slow NAND flash memory. For another, closing an application means having to call all its destructors, finalizers, or whatever your favorite language calls things that unwind in-memory data structures and release non-memory resources that an object holds. Responsiveness to user actions requires doing this sort of shutdown in the background rather than when the user is waiting for the application's memory allocation request to complete.

Comment Real digitizer vs. capacitive digitizer (Score 1) 385

I'd agree with you for something like a Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab that includes a real Wacom digitizer with a real pen. But the capacitive digitizer in most phones and tablets is much less precise with a comparatively large uncertainty caused by the irregular shape of the finger's contact surface, and I don't see how it beats even a mouse.

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