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Comment Re:Planning to lose an election (Score 1) 239

If you want politicians to care about your vote, you need to give them a reason to want it.

When I have written candidates to express my views about copyright and patent reform, I have got form letters back claiming that the opposite position is good for the trade balance of the United States. So candidates appear to think they can win even without my vote.

Comment Joe and Jane don't know Hairyfeet exists (Score 1) 161

guess whre Joe and Jane have to go when they want an HTPC? To...drumroll...guys like me who know about such things

That'd be fine if Joe and Jane even knew that local HTPC builders like you exist, or where to find local HTPC builders like you in their respective areas. What Sony and Microsoft have over local HTPC builders like you is more marketing power to get their products into users' awareness and into major retailers.

one of the few positives of the new metro UI is OOTB it makes a great 10 foot UI.

I was under impression that OOTB the Metro UI didn't work with an Xbox 360 controller. One would need to learn that XBMC exists (or learn that somebody like you, who knows XBMC exists, exists) and then set XBMC as the shell.

controller friendly games, all of this was solved ages ago.

Controller-friendly PC games exist, but there apparently isn't a big enough selection. Like you, I want HTPC gaming to succeed, but I keep encountering fans pressuring me to "be realistic".

Comment A chicken-and-egg situation (Score 1) 161

Who gives a shit about the vast majority of the public?

It's more profitable for a producer of goods to target the majority of consumers than a niche, especially in something like commercial off-the-shelf entertainment software where non-recurring engineering costs greatly outweigh costs per copy. And currently, the majority of people who game on a couch game on a console. This means major video game developers who want to target couches will target consoles. It's a chicken-and-egg situation: people don't buy living room gaming PCs because there aren't enough games, and companies don't develop games for living room gaming PCs because there aren't enough such PCs.

Comment Gamepad accessibility (Score 1) 161

You can adjust font DPI and sizes in the OS.

I'm aware of the procedure for setting font size based on monitor size and seating distance. But a 10-foot UI is more than big enough text; it's also making sure that 1. windows don't have more information than will fit on the screen at a larger font size, and 2. the user can efficiently navigate the interface with a few keys on a gamepad rather than a mouse and keyboard.

Comment Re:End users don't care about tech details (Score 1) 497

I was referring to "unlimited minutes to local and toll-free numbers" from my previous comment. I apologize for the confusion. In the era when landlines dominated, the bulk of the average person's calls were to local or toll-free numbers, not long-distance or international numbers. Though cellular carriers are more likely to include free domestic long distance than landline carriers, cellular carriers still charge airtime for all numbers.

Comment Re:Resale, rental, input, pricing, exclusives (Score 1) 161

as the homebrew guys get a better handle on a system it doesn't take them long to create a good working emulator.

But they don't always bother to add a good 10-foot-capable front-end.

Oh and unlike your Sony and Nintendo products thanks to emulators you can play every game from the NES-Wii on the Nintendo side and PS1-PS2 on the Sony side

Good luck emulating an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 game on a PC. Among games for systems that can be emulated, their graphics are widely perceived to be inferior to current console games, and sport games lack updated rosters.

so you don't have to worry about losing your old games just because you got a new system

Good luck dumping cartridges to a PC. As a PC builder, if you advertise that a machine is useful for playing ROMs downloaded from the Internet, you induce infringement. See MGM v. Grokster and foreign counterparts. Commercial cart dumpers, such as Retrode and Kazzo/INL-Retro, are believed legal to own in many jurisdictions but may prove hard to get and/or hard to get working.

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