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Comment How widely deployed is x86-64 UEFI pre-2.2? (Score 1) 211

Secure boot was only recently added in v2.2.

And every (non-Apple) x86-64 PC and PC motherboard since the release of Windows 8 has shipped with Secure Boot.

10s if not 100s of millions of shipped systems predate that by many years such as every Intel Mac, Itanium systems from both Intel and HP, etc.

I thought Intel Macs were just EFI, not UEFI. And according to the FAQ, this distro is designed for x86-64, not Itanium. I understand Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for x86-64 supports UEFI, but did most Windows 7 PCs come with UEFI pre-2.2, or did they come with legacy BIOS?

Comment Secure Boot (Score 1) 211

One benefit to this is that people won't be trying to install this on an old piece of crap and then complaining it's slow.

But wouldn't it be harder to boot from USB on a UEFI system? Most UEFI systems that I'm aware of default to Secure Boot with Microsoft keys. On the other hand, I guess people smart enough for beta are smart enough to figure out how to go into UEFI configuration and turn off Secure Boot.

Comment PS3-class and indie gaming on Intel (Score 2) 211

and Intel's hardware just isn't sufficient for gaming

An Anandtech review points out that the integrated GPU in Ivy Bridge (previous generation Intel Core) runs Skyrim playably: 46 fps at 720p. From what I've read about the PS3 port of Skyrim, the PS3 doesn't do much better. And because indie PC games tend to be lower budget, they also tend to be lower detail, which means they just might work on Intel.

Comment Re:Examples of other apps that need to start early (Score 1) 324

If I just booted my device, odds are I want to use it to... you know... do something

That depends on whether "do something" includes "see if anything important has happened that I need to attend to". E-mail and auctions are among these. Perhaps one workaround that Google could implement would involve not starting apps at boot and instead placing an ongoing notification that other notifications have been delayed for x minutes because apps are waiting to start. Then the user could tap that notification, which would launch all the apps that want to run at boot.

and the reason we use the Linux netbook a lot

I too have a Linux netbook, but I wonder what I'll replace it with now that netbooks are more or less discontinued.

Comment Shares airspace with interstate and postal flights (Score 1) 513

A flight across Pennsylvania shares airspace with flights from one state to another that cross Pennsylvania (interstate commerce) and with airmail flights (post roads). U.S. courts have for decades interpreted regulating interstate commerce to include protecting interstate commerce from intrastate threats.

Comment Hotbeds vs. coldbeds (Score 1) 287

Maybe someday people in Silicon Valley will look at Google maps and realize that there are parts of the country outside the Bay Area.

I know, like Austin, Boston, or Seattle. The point of that discussion was that if someone wants to program video games, he needs to move somewhere like Austin, Boston, or Seattle, and get a job there. If he can't, he should get into a trade other than game programming. It's not greater San Francisco vs. rest of world; it's just hotbeds of industry vs. coldbeds.

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