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Comment Not yet ported to Android BECAUSE of no gamepad (Score 1) 74

How much time/money do you think it takes to implement gamepad support compared to the rest of a game project's development? Maybe a couple of days with an SDK?

Sometimes, the producer doesn't even consider porting a particular game to a particular platform until the platform has gamepad support. In such a case, it might take even longer to get the port up and running, as the port team would have to familiarize itself with the new platform. Ouya and Shield hitting store shelves and the "Gooya" announcement are likely to change this.

Comment Online reviews (Score 1) 143

As you recognize, Ouya's situation isn't quite the same as that of the North American video game recession of three decades ago.

Now, Ouya's "must have a demo" policy may mitigate this, but it doesn't mean the risk is gone. It could become a case of "thousands of TV channels but nothing good is on"

There wasn't really a gaming press back then. Nowadays, good video games are far more likely to get good reviews on the Web, and there are review aggregators.

Comment Duo, Newton, Pippin (Score 1) 282

to the best of my recollection, not counting power connectors or internal card slots, Apple products have used only four truly proprietary ports in its entire history: the two iPhone dock connectors [and external storage and video connectors for various laptops].

Did you forget the Newton MessagePad 2000 dock connector or the AppleJack controller port for the Pippin console? And was the DuoDock connector on the PowerBook Duo subnotebooks proprietary?

Comment Apple TV (Score 1) 282

can you imagine how long it'll take before every single monitor/tv out there can accept wireless video signals?

How long does it take for every TV with an HDMI input to accept AirPlay signals? About as long as it takes to ship an Apple TV to your door.

Comment Script in minimized tabs; daemons (Score 1) 143

How does web browsing and installing programs make a computer slow or unstable?

Pages open in a minimized web browser keep running script functions triggered by window.setInterval(). Installed programs want to keep their own update notifiers and other daemons (Winamp Agent, Apple Mobile Device Service, Java Quick Starter, etc.) running in the background.

Comment Older tablets without Google Play; narrowing (Score 1) 143

Don't you have more than 1 Android device tied to the same Google account (especially an older one, or a tablet)?

Tablets didn't start coming with Google Play until Honeycomb. Kindle Fire, Coby Kyros, and older Archos products don't have it, for instance.

The Play Store makes it pretty clear which device(s) on your account will or won't work with the selected software.

But does it allow narrowing the search results to applications compatible with a single device on a given account? If not, the user would have to tap each search result, "no, that isn't compatible", tap another, "no, that isn't compatible either", etc.

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