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Comment Re:Bitcoin requires cellular data (Score 1) 753

I understand many feature phones can run j2me apps

And many can't, instead being locked down to the carrier's app store. Individuals and small businesses have historically had problems getting set up to even develop BREW apps.

simply text "PAY .103 1FIRSTBITS" to the gateway number could be enough to make a payment.

Still a 40 cent transaction fee: 20 cents to send a text and 20 cents to receive a confirmation. In order to bring about a future free of Federal Reserve notes, U.S. cellular carriers' policies would still have to change dramatically.

Comment Re:Garage sales are still cash only (Score 1) 753

There's a "peddler's mall" in my city where each seller collects payment individually, and when I tried to pay with plastic at some booths, I was directed to its ATM. Consignment shops and the like are more likely to have one checkout connected to one merchant account, which lets such a shop do enough business per year to qualify for a reasonable swipe fee. Besides, if taking plastic is so important to occasional private sellers of used goods, why are there still garage sales in the first place?

Comment Re:Baen Books (Score 1) 309

Don't tell me what the authors could/should do, tell the authors!

In a free market, you could always A. tell your favorite authors about the situation and ask them to negotiate reversion of rights to allegedly "failed" books when renewing contracts with publishers, B. discover new favorite authors, or C. become an author yourself.

Comment Re:Bitcoin requires cellular data (Score 1) 753

So run a wallet with an SMS interface (I'm not aware of such a beast but there's absolutely no reason it couldn't work)

In order to bring about a future free of Federal Reserve notes, U.S. cellular carriers' policies would first have to change dramatically. Under most major U.S. carriers' current policy, the carrier will force a data plan on the subscriber if the handset is capable of running third-party apps such as this hypothetical SMS wallet. CDMA2000 carriers (Verizon and Sprint) by and large won't activate a smartphone on a plan without data, and AT&T is known for cramming a data plan onto any voice-only SIM inserted into a smartphone. And even then, the subscriber has to either pay per month for the privilege to use money or pay to send and pay to receive each text message.

Comment The point is that not all states have such a law (Score 1) 443

there isn't one


then probably the only "legal" way to cross is to dismount (become a pedestrian) and walk across

Yet the city somehow can't spend money for a "CYCLISTS DISMOUNT" sign.

the 35 states that haven't passed dead red laws

Also, I think there is a law for dealing with lights that are not functioning properly which probably says treat it like a stop sign.

The source implies that only about 15 U.S. states have such a law about malfunctioning traffic signals.

Comment Re:Bitcoin requires cellular data (Score 1) 753

phones with a data plan are too expensive per month for a child to afford on his allowance.

And will remain so for all eternity?

It will remain so as long as FCC policy allows U.S. cellular carriers to keep it so. I can't say that will be eternity, but with the polarization of the electorate that has led to a do-nothing Congress for the past three and a half years, I don't see it changing in the near future. Or what other country's "dollar" is being discussed?

I thought we were discussing predictions of the future.

That depends on whether "future" refers to a decade or a century.

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