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Comment Re:CD, SD, USB, and FTP (Score 1) 138

Download the EXE to your Android device and copy it over with MTP. Or download the EXE to a USB stick with someone else's Mac or Windows PC that already has Firefox. Or download the EXE to a USB stick with someone else's GNU/Linux desktop PC; most of those ship with Firefox. But in practice, using IE only to 1. download Firefox and 2. test your web site in IE should be enough.

Comment ActiveX: old and busted; TLS: new hotness (Score 1) 138

But they could just as well have bundled it as an extension to SSL rather than a separate ActiveX plugin.

So with support for IE 6 ending in 15 months, why doesn't the government just decide that ActiveX with homegrown crypto is old and busted and TLS with homegrown crypto is the new hotness?

Comment Cache size on mobile vs. desktop (Score 1) 138

I run Xubuntu (GNU/Linux) on a laptop with 1 GB of RAM and Android 4.4 on a tablet with 1 GB of RAM. I too have noticed that web browsers for Android tend to cache less than web browsers for GNU/Linux. Perhaps this is because the built-in NAND flash memory is much smaller than a PC hard drive and limited in erase cycles. A 1 GB cache is a lot more noticeable on an 8 GB phone or tablet than on even a 160 GB netbook.

Comment Define supported (Score 1) 289

Not in a corporate environment you sure as hell don't!

Classic Shell supports group policy now.

Unless it's native, you don't modify core OS behavior in a corporate environment that's not officially supported.

Officially supported by whom? I was under the impression that Classic Shell was supported by the Classic Shell team, and it used public APIs supported by Microsoft.

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