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Comment No inbreeding depression prior to flood (Score 1) 548

Whom did Seth marry?

On the other hand, prior to a significant population bottleneck in the 17th century after creation of humankind, there weren't enough built-up deleterious mutations in the human genome to cause noticeable inbreeding depression. I guess that's why the commandment against incest didn't come until Leviticus nearly a millennium after the flood.

Comment Re:So anything like AIDE? (Score 1) 410

Let me phrase this as directly as I can: Android has a development environment that runs on a (preferably docked) device. If you want to write and test code on your ASUS Transformer, you can. What development environment that runs on a (preferably docked) device does Windows RT have? If none, then this is a point for Android over Windows RT and the Windows Runtime environment of Windows 8.

Comment Re:Still faster / easier to apply than it used to (Score 1) 382

If single payer is what you want, they should have just opened Medicare to everyone.

That would have taken more of a Democratic majority than continued to exist once Ted Kennedy passed away.

Of course, we still don't have enough doctors and medical professionals

How much of that is due to AMA lobbying?

Comment Re:Go on the net and learn to start a business (Score 1) 305

I don't see a lot of employers willing to accept "I have a laptop and the internet" as a substitute for the relevant degree.

Unless you're in a highly regulated field, thoroughly documented projects completed on your own time count for a lot.

Also notable, do you believe Jesus meant people should be left to starve? In particular, any children involved?

No. But I don't recall him saying that feeding the poor should be the responsibility of Caesar (the government) either. if everybody with a job gave 10 percent of adjusted gross income to a reputable charity, perhaps we wouldn't need Caesar to run our social programs.

Comment Go on the net and learn to start a business (Score 1) 305

Where is the teaching people how to do needed work?

On the Internet, if Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child project is to be believed.

Where is the work to be done as people have been taught?

In your own business that you started. Do you think Jesus's adoptive father Joseph was the equivalent of a W-2 employee, or was it more likely that he owned his own shop?

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