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Comment Tabletop game to video game ports (Score 1) 140

If you copyright the design and concept, ect ect, then you have nothing to really worry about

You still have to worry about other incumbent copyright owners claiming you misappropriated their copyrighted design and concept.

board games and video game are two entirely different industries.

If tabletop games and video games are irreconcilable, then explain World Series of Poker for Xbox and Xbox 360. Or explain the GBA game that includes Risk, Battleship, and Clue(do). Or explain Catan 360. Or explain NES games like I Can Remember, Classic Concentration, and Concentration Room, which are essentially an old card game with different card graphics.

Has anyone tried to steal the board game Monopoly and rewrite it as video game

There was "Atlantik" in KDE Games 3.

(tho it is patented)

Monopoly is older than I am, and I'm old enough to drink beer. Therefore, any patent will have expired.

Comment Start screen != Start menu (Score 3, Insightful) 413

8.1 will bring back the look and feel older people where missing

How so? I've read that 8.1 just brings back a visible button in the lower left to open the Start screen. It still has the same problem that the Start screen entirely covers up the applications you were using on the desktop, breaking subconscious continuity, unlike the Windows 7 Start menu or the Classic Shell Start menu that sits in the lower-left corner and leaves what you were working on visible.

Comment How are we all developers? (Score 0) 413

Anonymous Coward wrote:

in the real world, everyone is a developer.

How so? In comments to stories about cryptographic lockdown policies sometimes called "walled garden", some users (who shall remain nameless for the moment) keep claiming that the vast majority of users of computing devices have no desire to learn a programming language or do anything else commonly associated with job titles that fall under "developer". This is why the lockdown inherent in game consoles and devices running iOS doesn't hinder their adoption by the general public.

Case in point: The forthcoming Xbox One console is believed to run a customized build of Windows 8 alongside the "Windows XB" used by games. If "everyone is a developer," who will have access to the Xbox One SDK?

Comment Beta users are not the majority (Score 1) 413

Well I guess in the "real world" there's no open source software, since developers and users get access to the same code at the same time.

Sure, Firefox has the Beta, Aurora, and Nightly channels, Chrome has something analogous, and Ubuntu has the beta of the next semiannual Alliterative Animal version. But the vast majority of end users don't expect them to be supported in the same way that the release is supported. Beta users expect breakage. However, developers can rely on builds marked "release candidate" to be nearly identical in behavior to the RTM, especially once the final release candidate is declared RTM a short time in advance of pushing it out to the vast majority of end users. Even if this window between the release of an RC and its deployment is only a few days, it's still long enough for developers to fix those application defects that have the highest impact.

Comment Differences between preview and RTM (Score 4, Insightful) 413

The devs can use Windows 8.1 preview

I think the point of the article is that developers feel likely to end up burned by any substantial differences between Windows 8.1 preview and Windows 8.1 RTM. When a difference between preview and RTM causes an application not to work, it may end up with unjustified 1-star ratings (or whatever the equivalent on Windows Store is).

Comment Rules of the game of basketball, for comparison (Score 1) 140

The game mechanics and the rules are not entitled to protection

If the dimensions of a basketball court (94 by 50 feet, rim 10 feet up, size of free throw lane, etc.) and the official size, weight, and bounce ratio (2/3 of initial height) of a ball are considered rules of the game of basketball, then "the matrix shall be 10 cells wide" and "the pieces shall be the seven one-sided tetrominoes" and "pieces shall move by translation and 90 degree rotation" and "a row filled with squares disappears to make room for more pieces" sure sound like mechanics and rules to me. I guess I must be misunderstanding exactly what the judge found to be "expressive elements" in this case, other than perhaps the piece colors.

Comment Games are different (Score 4, Informative) 140

Games are no different.

U.S. judges have tended to draw the line between idea and expression in different places for games compared to other kinds of software. On the one hand, you have Lotus v. Borland and Oracle v. Google that weaken copyright in interfaces between a program and a user or between a program and other programs. On the other hand, you have Tetris v. Xio that strengthens copyright in the basic rules of a game.

Comment Tetris v. Xio (Score 1) 140

"The player moves and turns pieces made of four squares as they descend into a rectangular playfield one at a time. Any row of the playfield filled with squares disappears, freeing space for more pieces." Lawsuits have been won over the "theft" of the idea that I just described.

Comment Bringing the solution to market (Score 1) 329

So you're cheap, lazy, superficial (you could always hide the case and run an IR repeater) and for some reason cant do any of the research yourself.

This describes the general public well.

so show some level of intelligence and at least make an attempt to come up with a solution on your own

I myself can come up with a solution; I just lack the business experience to bring my solution to market. I have listed some principles for an attractive HTPC. But the majority of the general public can't come up with a solution, as evidenced by twistedsymphony's comment among others listed here. Economies of scale tend to favor the general public, which may be part of why major manufacturers haven't engineered products based on these principles and brought them to market.

Comment Blocked from search (Score 1) 357

Maybe i'm using different youtube content to you, but i haven't run into an inability to play anything on youtube on my ipad for 9 months plus now.

Videos blocked from viewing on Android are also blocked from search in the YouTube app for Android, and I think the YouTube app for iPad works the same way. But if you search for videos through Google Search, or someone shares a link to a video with you, you may end up on a "not available on mobile" screen. Does this play?

As far as a replacement for facebook goes.... uh... facebook? They have a number of mobile apps.

According to Facebook's own help pages, Facebook still doesn't let mobile users create a nickname or create a Page, whether through the mobile web or the mobile app.

there are plenty of proper tablet games for both Android and iOS that are promoted via facebook.

True, but "plenty" doesn't help when the specific game that your friends are recommending to you is unavailable. As for bugging the developer of this specific game to port it to iOS, I thought it cost substantially more for tools to develop a game for iOS than for SWF. For one thing, you will likely have to replace your current computer with a Mac.

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