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Comment Re:Checkpointing (Score 1) 641

your checkpoint itself may get corrupted, in the midst of being saved to the local file system.

Then keep the last few checkpoints, calculate each checkpoint's SHA-256 to make sure you store what you think you stored, and replicate them to storage on another machine with another fan controller. And if your calculation is so long that once a minute is too often, scale the checkpoint rate appropriately.

Comment The cost of extending past US/CA myopia (Score 1) 641

So why are you insisting I make my address incorrect so I can fill in your form?

Because you are placing an international order to a business that ships from a country where that field is mandatory. The "Province/State/Region" field is required because there are on the order of 200 countries, and our United States-based development team lacks the resources to track the preferred address format of every single one of them. We don't know what omitted fields or misspelled fields will make a shipment undeliverable.

Comment "Serious" businesses will have a fax line (Score 1) 641

One of the companies we work with has a mandatory fax number on their system. This is truly annoying as there are a fair number of people who have absolutely no access to a fax machine.

Perhaps this is intended as a filter, on the grounds that there is a correlation between businesses too small to have a fax line and businesses too small to place or take the large orders that your business happens to handle efficiently.

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