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Comment Set-top device with a web browser (Score 1) 130

Sure the barrier to entry are lower and there is no subscription, but [YouTube] still control what you can and can not see, not to mention how you see it.

In what way? Point the web browser of your Android-based set-top device (be it Google or Fire) at any other website offering WebM or MP4 video, and should be able to display it.

Comment Sports are most often live (Score 1) 130

The basic premise of the argument is that live TV and satellite TV matter and they'll continue to call the shots.

And as long as the major professional and collegiate sport leagues have agreements with national and regional networks with blackout clauses, live TV will continue to call the shots.

The reality of the situation is that digital

Cable and satellite television are digital now.

on-demand services

Cable television offers on demand programming in addition to live programming.

Comment TCP slow start (Score 1) 115

You don't need wavelets for that. Instead, all you really need is so-called "progressive JPEG": send the first 15 or 21 DCT coefficients for a half-resolution decode, then send more coefficients for the full-resolution decode. But in practice, that doesn't speed things up because in order to terminate the image download after the first few coefficients, the web browser has to close the HTTP connection instead of keeping it alive, which means yet another round of TCP slow start.

Comment Re:Grammar (Score 1) 130

Having to activate your cell phone, get blaring light in your eyes rather than the dim theater room

The cell phone screen has it's own lighting

For one thing, this lighting is too bright. For another, the phone can't detect that you want to use it as a television control until you press the home button and navigate to the television control app. For a third, someone else in your household can't use it while you are using the phone.

So the "problem" you are describing there becomes completely moot.

And the fourth problem, which touch-screen television controls share with touch-screen video gaming, is unusability while looking away. Despite the name, touch screens provide no touch cues to the user, unlike a physical remote with discrete buttons that you can feel. Your touch-screen smartphone or tablet requires you to look away from the TV instead of finding the bump on the 5 and navigating from there.

Comment Cartel (Score 1) 650

If all reputable manufacturers of a particular kind of industrial equipment have opted in to Microsoft lock-in, any customer buying that kind of equipment is facing a cartel, which acts somewhat like a monopoly. Given the Hobson's choice to buy from a cartel or to go out of business, which would you choose?

Comment Re:Bad advice (Score 1) 162

For example, I will never tell you that it's OK to use mysql_real_escape_string in your PHP code, even if I think you're more likely to follow that advice than the "real" advice, which is use parameterized queries.

In PDO, I always use parameterized queries. When I was using MySQLi, I used parameterized queries except in cases where a query would have a variable number of parameters. Unlike PDO, legacy APIs such as MySQLi don't support named placeholders in parameterized queries. Nor are positional placeholders very convenient if you have a variable number of question marks in a query, such as the right side of operator IN. For some applications, putting critical bug fixes on hold while the entire application is migrated from legacy APIs to PDO is not an option.

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