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Comment Unmetered wee hours (Score 2) 353

Restricting the total gigabytes downloaded by the month can only minimally improve congestion during prime-time

Some ISPs have an interesting way to shift heavy use away from prime time. Satellite ISP Exede, for example, turns off the meter between midnight and 5 AM local time. This encourages subscribers to run bulk downloads, such as Steam purchases or service pack downloads, during the wee hours when the bird is less congested. This is similar to how long distance companies and cellular voice carriers offered free nights and weekends.

Comment What I did was install Flashblock (Score 1) 353

When some web site says "Oh please won't you turn off your ad-blocker" tell them to take it up with their advertisers.

What I did was install Flashblock. That blocks high-data-volume ads while allowing low-data-volume text ads and still image ads. Ad networks would ideally recognize that I'm not seeing SWF ads and send me still ads instead, but it amazes me how many ad networks fail to do this. That way I have a good excuse: "I'm not blocking your ads, just a file format. If I wanted Flash, I'd go to Newgrounds. Get some less-Flashy advertisers, and I might even click through."

Comment Single purchases that exceed 10 GB (Score 1) 353

Anonymous Coward wrote:

OK, if I'm on the Internet so much that I'm hitting bandwidth caps, it means I need to get a fucking life.

Satellite caps customers at 10 GB per month (source: A single purchased video game or purchased high-definition movie can meet or exceed that size.

just get off the fucking box

Now I'm confused. I thought you just said "get a fucking life", that is, become a swinger. Should people lay off the fucking or start the fucking? :p

Comment Business class Internet won't help everyone (Score 3, Interesting) 353

Switching to a business rate may help some people who live within range of wired broadband, but it's not for everyone. Some ISPs refuse to provide business-class service to addresses zoned residential. And with all the other people who choose where to live based on broadband availability, the asking price for properties with no access to wired broadband has fallen. This means an affordable place to live may be affordable only because there's no wired broadband. For those in this situation, switching to a business plan won't kill the cap. Verizon and AT&T, for example, advertise business plans where multiple devices access a shared pool of monthly data transfer allowance.

Comment 10 GB/mo ro less (Score 2) 353

I have capped internet here in Australia (150GB / month) and it is plenty, pretty much.

150 GB/mo? Luxury. In some areas, all people can get is satellite and cellular, and those tend to run 10 GB/mo or less on affordable plans. I'm glad I happen not to live in such areas at the moment.

Comment Three-fourths of state legislatures (Score 1) 200

Unfortunately, we're stuck with a problem of who's watching the watchers unless we want to modify the Constitution to allow State governments to go after Federal officials for issues like this.

I think you hit upon how it'd happen: "modify the Constitution". Three-fourths of state legislatures can go after the feds. They can call a convention, propose an amendment, and ratify it.

Comment Multiple gamers in one household (Score 1) 129

For games, I'd just have a multiplayer mode

I don't see how that'd help. People would just plug two to four USB gamepads into an Internet-disconnected PC and play on one screen, like in puzzle games, fighting games, and puzzle fighting games. Windows has supported USB HID gamepads since Windows 98 and Xbox 360 controllers since a Windows XP service pack.

To access it, a valid key is needed and if two keys (assuming each key is one license) are used, the newer one will not be allowed on.

Which breaks with multiple gamers in one household.

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