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Comment Multiple gamers in one household (Score 1) 129

For games, I'd just have a multiplayer mode

I don't see how that'd help. People would just plug two to four USB gamepads into an Internet-disconnected PC and play on one screen, like in puzzle games, fighting games, and puzzle fighting games. Windows has supported USB HID gamepads since Windows 98 and Xbox 360 controllers since a Windows XP service pack.

To access it, a valid key is needed and if two keys (assuming each key is one license) are used, the newer one will not be allowed on.

Which breaks with multiple gamers in one household.

Comment Balassa-Samuelson (Score 1) 129

Set a reasonable initial price for your software / music / video

Reasonable in what country? One of the excuses for region coding is that "a reasonable initial price" varies based on the market and its currency's exchange rate with the euro or U.S. dollar. The Balassa-Samuelson model shows how economies without a history of exporting goods to rich countries will tend to have undervalued currencies.

Comment Companding (Score 1) 142

One solution here is to use some form of companding. Apply "loudness war" style level compression to the audio stored on the CD and in the FLAC, but store in a side channel the compression level at the start of each CD sector (1/75 of a second) so that the original dynamic range can be reconstructed. I was under the impression that one of the modes of HDCD worked this way.

Comment Bandwidth limiting cuts off overtones (Score 2) 142

At CD sampling rates a 15 kHz sine wave is indistinguishable from a 15 kHz sawtooth wave

At CD sampling rates (44.1kHz), you will have perfect reconstruction of any waveform that is bandwidth-limited at ~22 kHz if you have infinite precision (i.e. no quantization errors due to limited bits-per-sample).

I think grandparent's point is that once you've bandwidth-limited your signal to 22 kHz, a 15 kHz sawtooth wave becomes a 15 kHz sine wave.

Comment Legal immigration (Score 1) 443

But the way you worded it didn't state moving

In that case, allow me to word my questions more directly. Let's assume I want to move to another English-speaking country. What's the best way to qualify for legal immigrant status? And how much money will I need before moving?

Comment Pay stubs, rent up front, shorter term (Score 1) 277

But i've been in areas where the standard procedure for nearly everyone a reasonable distance away from certain areas wants to run a credit check on you before signing a lease.

This article and this discussion and this article claim that standard procedure can be worked around. Showing pay stubs, offering to pay three to six months' rent up front in states that allow it, or seeking a shorter lease term will make the landlord more likely to feel like filling a vacancy.

Comment Re:Other countries' immigration departments (Score 1) 443

What other country would let me use its services instead?

I fixed the problem by moving to a new country. A great thing. That you choose to not explore other options doesn't mean they aren't there.

I thought the fact that I asked "what other country" was evidence that I'm trying to "explore other options".

Move to Europe or Australia or something.

I've been told that Great Britain (the part of Europe that speaks a language mutually intelligible with that of the U.S.) and Australia are even worse police states in some ways than the United States.

Comment Broken window fallacy (Score 1) 443

I go to a brick and mortar store (support local economy)

Good luck finding a brick and mortar store that carries the particular discontinued good you want. Do you plan to support global warming by repeatedly driving to all local pawn shops and thrift stores for years until the item you want finally happens to show up?

I don't use self checkout registers (support local employment)

Supporting inefficiency is the broken window fallacy.

There should not be multi-national corps, period. International trade still be achieved by company A in country A importing to or exporting from company B in country B.

Say I, the owner of a hypothetical small business, want to sell my company's products to people who live in 20 different countries. How should I go about efficiently starting 20 different companies to do so?

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