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Comment Blade Runner is non-free (Score 0) 63

do you dream of Electric Sheep?

No, but Pokemon trainers dream of electric mice.

If you're not cop, you're little people!

And even if you are a cop, you can still be little people.

If seeing the non-free film Blade Runner is a requirement of keeping a geek card valid, what method do you recommend to see this film without breaking the law, both inside and outside the United States? Redbox carries only new releases.

Comment Key stretching (Score 1) 339

That said, I've also heard that storing hashes for passwords is a bad idea. Why would that be, if the hashes are long enough and salted?

Say you use userid + username + join_date as the salt. No matter what you use as the salt, a modern GPU can brute-force your hash by evaluating SHA256(salt + password) extremely fast for hundreds of common passwords in parallel. To defeat this, use a computationally harder hash than SHA256.

Comment To me it's always been Actiblizzard (Score 2) 203

I thought previous Slashdot comments had settled on "Actiblizzard" or "Actiblizz" for short. In any case, I won't use a nickname that brings ethnic tension into a discussion where it doesn't belong, especially considering the stereotypes already present in the Warcraft universe.

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