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Comment Re:Still faster / easier to apply than it used to (Score 1) 382

If single payer is what you want, they should have just opened Medicare to everyone.

That would have taken more of a Democratic majority than continued to exist once Ted Kennedy passed away.

Of course, we still don't have enough doctors and medical professionals

How much of that is due to AMA lobbying?

Comment Re:Go on the net and learn to start a business (Score 1) 305

I don't see a lot of employers willing to accept "I have a laptop and the internet" as a substitute for the relevant degree.

Unless you're in a highly regulated field, thoroughly documented projects completed on your own time count for a lot.

Also notable, do you believe Jesus meant people should be left to starve? In particular, any children involved?

No. But I don't recall him saying that feeding the poor should be the responsibility of Caesar (the government) either. if everybody with a job gave 10 percent of adjusted gross income to a reputable charity, perhaps we wouldn't need Caesar to run our social programs.

Comment Go on the net and learn to start a business (Score 1) 305

Where is the teaching people how to do needed work?

On the Internet, if Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child project is to be believed.

Where is the work to be done as people have been taught?

In your own business that you started. Do you think Jesus's adoptive father Joseph was the equivalent of a W-2 employee, or was it more likely that he owned his own shop?

Comment Requires root (Score 1) 410

Like the fix for Android 4.3's Bluetooth keyboard problem, the USB Mass Storage enabler requires root, and as I understand the process for rooting a Nexus 7, I'd have to wipe all the files and unlock the bootloader to gain root. So how should I back up the files on the tablet before wiping it? Would it be best to find a Windows PC to do this over MTP, or would using a file manager to upload all files to a Samba share on the Xubuntu machine be more practical?

Comment Can multitask apps easier than operating systems (Score 1) 410

If folks will install JRE for Minecraft, they could dual boot Ubuntu.

JRE for Minecraft can show reasonably efficient 3D graphics while Spotify/Pandora/iTunes/whatever is running. This is not true of dual booting. Or has virtualization become better at OpenGL since I last checked?

So, Hosting my game on my own site with a .deb and .rpm and .tar.gz isn't actually hard

32 or 64 bit?

Comment From other than System76? (Score 1) 410

Is it fair to blame Ubuntu for all the issues that come with building a computer from scratch? [...] It's the fact that distros just don't put in ( or have for that matter ) the resources necessary to "polish" the OS.

You appear to have answered your own question. Yes, we can blame Canonical for not having put in the effort to polish Ubuntu to the point where PC makers other than System76 are willing to preload it.

We know Linux can do this because we use Android phones, and they work just fine for most users.

Gorilla arm Linux with a calculator app that fills the screen no matter the size of my device's screen has taken off. Linux that's comfortable for hours of work (meaning focused activity) at a time where I can see both what I'm working on and what I'm referring to, not so much.

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