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Comment Do you fly often? (Score 1) 210

I want something self contained on the device that runs in airplane mode.

Airplane? I imagine Microsoft is targeting this at the majority, not the edge case of people who frequently make transcontinenal or transoceanic business trips. People who only fly a few times a year can wait to use this application until the aircraft comes to a complete stop and a Wi-Fi or cellular signal becomes available.

Comment Pitch detection (Score 1) 183

We could simply stop accepting recordings and start insisting on sheet music, but the only thing that really does is close out submissions of improvised music -- it doesn't increase the amount of "source" available.

One thing you could try is using a pitch detection algorithm to come up with a notated approximation. If Auto-Tune can recognize what notes T-Pain is trying to sing, and if your phone's GSM speech encoder can compress your voice into fewer bits, a similar pitch detector can recognize what notes your musician improvised, provided the instrument was miked in a way that reasonably isolates a solo performance from other band members' instruments. So you could stop accepting fully mixed improvised recordings and insist on multitrack masters and reward someone else for notating it.

Give the midi file to a random person with a computer and it's going to sound like it's being played on a gameboy.

Which Game Boy? The Game Boy Advance is capable of playing an orchestral recording. I even wrote a music player app for it back when I was in the GBA homebrew scene. There's a huge difference in capability between a Game Boy Color, which compares to a Nintendo Entertainment System, and a Game Boy Advance, which compares to a PC with an old 8-bit stereo Sound Blaster.

Comment Gentoo is rice (Score 1) 183

If you compile the same code with the same version of GCC running on the same operating system and the same architecture, you will get the same result, every time.

Gentoo users who tune their compiler flags would beg to differ. (Add "same compiler flags" and I see your point though.) Besides, in a rolling-update distribution, you don't have "the same version of GCC" for very long.

if you even have the resources to get access to those instruments *at all*.

The analog here would be $6000 ARM or Green Hills compilers.

Comment The world population under copyright (Score 1) 183

Considering copyright has been around for less than one percent of the time that music has

The world population in the era of copyright happens to be far greater than the world population prior to the enactment of the Statute of Anne in the early 1700s. How many people's lives has copyright been around for?

It's like the bar scene in Cherry 2000 where men and women all have lawyers present to negotiate a one-night stand.

That would likely be the consequence if rape law was made tougher.

Comment ModPlug (Score 1) 183

Try to open up a musical project from few years back, that was created with a multitude of commercial software and plugins.

Now you know why I compose in ModPlug Tracker. S3M, XM, and IT aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Comment Perpetual copyright on the installment plan (Score 1) 183

Pro-tip: It is limited and is not perpetual.

How is a limited copyright term that is legislatively extended by about 20 years every 20 years (cf. Copyright Act of 1976 and Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998) any different from a perpetual copyright in practice? If no further extension is enacted before 2025, I'll agree with you, but until then, it smells to me like the Congress is pulling an end-run around constitutionally "limited Times" by enacting perpetual copyright on the installment plan.

Comment Curation by record label (Score 1) 183

Nothing prevents other people (those not stupid enough to sign away all their copyrights to a record label) from placing their musical creations in the public domain

Other than that FM radio won't play your music unless you're "stupid enough to sign away all [your] copyrights to a record label", and not all of your listeners have hundreds of dollars per year for a data plan to listen to Internet radio on the commute. Labels do at least some level of curation and promotion, a service on which mainstream DJs rely.

Comment Trumpet and electric guitar (Score 1) 183

Most intruments make a single sound with varying pitches. The human voice can alter sound and pitch.,/quote> Trumpet and electric guitar approach this. A trumpet has a "mute", a filter that affects the timbre of the sound coming out of the instrument. Some, such as the Harmon wah-wah mute, can be controlled while the instrument is played. Likewise, an electric guitar has a "wah-wah pedal", a crude pedal-controlled parametric equalizer that was inspired by the Harmon mute.

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