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Comment PSP + CFW = PC (Score 1) 223

Tablets are not PCs! They can't run x86 or x64 software!

Can a modern PC run software made for MS-DOS or Windows 3.1?

They're impossible to type on! They're not PCs!

All-in-one desktops have an external Bluetooth keyboard. Tablets have an external Bluetooth keyboard. The big difference is that tablets also have a multi-hour UPS.

If they're PCs then so is my phone and my PSP.

Your phone is a PC if it supports what Android calls "Unknown sources" or USB debugging. Your PSP is a PC if it has custom firmware.

Comment Importance of cryptographic lockdown (Score 1) 223

Also why a tablet is not a PC is you still can't, for the most part, develop on it. While tablets like Surface Pro allow you to develop apps directly only it, tablets like the iPad are still woefully incapable

I have a cheapie $100 quad-core ARM tablet with Android. I can put Ubuntu on it

TheSkepticalOptimist was referring to the iPad, which Apple cryptographically locked down specifically to prevent what you went on to describe. Your Android tablet that you rooted and installed Ubuntu on is ultimately more like a Surface Pro than like an iPad.

You seem to be defining the category of hardware by the software running on it.

If a piece of hardware is cryptographically locked to run only one piece of software, then the hardware and software need to be considered together as a unit. For example, a Wii game console and a Macintosh computer with a G3 processor have the same CPU, both have an ATI GPU, and a Wii even looks like a Mac mini. The defining difference between a Wii and a G3 Mac is the software. The Mac ran Mac OS X and explicitly supported homemade applications. The Wii, on the other hand, verifies the digital signature of all applications against Nintendo's certificate and doesn't (officially) allow a retail console's owner to add an additional root of trust.

Comment Lenovo compatible (Score 1) 223

I only include machines with x86 derived CPUs, designed to run DOS/windows.

For those, I'd use the term "Lenovo compatible" personal computers (formerly "IBM compatible" until sometime in 2005). Macs have been personal computers since 1984; the product line became Lenovo compatible a little over two decades later once Apple switched to x86 CPUs and made Boot Camp available.

Comment iDevice != general-purpose (Score 1) 223

A tablet or a smartphone or even a pocket calculator are proper computers. They are all general purpose computers with a CPU, RAM and storage.

A tablet running Android or a smartphone running Android is general-purpose and is just as much a PC as anything running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OS X. An iPad or iPhone is not because there exist purposes that Apple explicitly bans on these devices.

Comment Becomes a requirement for graduation (Score 1) 223

limited number of people that want/need to learn programming

It's not "limited" when a high school makes it a requirement for graduation, just as algebra, chemistry, and the six best-known Shakespeare tragedies have long been requirements. The college I went to made Introduction to Programming a first-year prerequisite even for people not going into computer science. As things like that filter down from college into the third and fourth years of the college-prep track of high school, much as calculus has done, we'd better hope that the Raspberry Pi stays in production.

We don't want to limit mainstream computing to what will make a good programming platform. That's a niche use of computers.

At some level, it doesn't have to be a "good" programming platform, just a programming platform at all. Apart from Codea, the iPad has failed even that.

Comment Homework that one can't do on an iPad (Score 1) 223

Maybe not every kind of creation is the creation of computer software?

Consider a high school student who owns an iPad and then discovers that she has to take a programming class before graduating, and that the tools needed for doing homework aren't available for iPad. What's the next step? Sell the iPad and buy a low-end PC?

Comment Someone who occasionally needs to use a truck (Score 1) 223

I remember Jobs saying general purpose computers are like trucks. Some people will always need trucks to haul things but most people really need a car or other forms of transportation.

Jbolden mentioned that analogy earlier. So what should someone do who only occasionally needs to use a truck? I seem to remember that a lot of people have been buying SUVs because they can act as a car most of the time but as a truck when needed.

Comment Incompatible instruction sets (Score 1) 223

The underlying hardware is fundamentally the same - both have CPUs [...] Windows can be made to run on a tablet if desired

But incompatible instruction sets. If an operating system is non-free, its publisher has to make a business decision to port the operating system to a particular device. And Microsoft has made a business decision to lock third-party desktop apps out of the ARM version of Windows, making the device less useful when docked.

There is nothing limiting Android from running on what we normally call a PC [...] They are barely more different than a Mac is from a PC

What you say would have been more true prior to Apple's adoption of x86 in 2006. There exists a project to port AOSP to x86. But a lot of popular Android applications are built using the NDK and compiled only for ARM, and the publisher of each application has to make a business decision to include x86 binaries in the APK.

There is no reason Android or IOS cannot work with a spreadsheet just as easily as Windows or OSX.

Other than that Apple would frown on the interpreter needed to run spreadsheet macros under iOS.

Comment "I can trade my computer for an iPad" (Score 1) 223

I have YET to meet a single person that has gotten rid of their PCs for a [expletive] tablet

And I have yet to meet another regular user of a home theater PC within the sample set of my extended family. But as you're aware, that doesn't mean they don't exist, just as the lack of people switching from PC to iPad among your sample set doesn't mean people like this don't exist:

My daughter told me that if I bring in my old computer and my printer, I can trade my computer for an iPad, and you’ll set it up with my printer.

Comment Re:Hooray for the PC market! (Score 1) 223

Now we have smartphone and tablet coming to the market, which have moved PC to include Non Windows running systems, including Macs. However excludes light weight systems such as tables.
Now Tablets are getting more powerful so they may be adding the PC list.

I agree with you that a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer running Windows (for x86 or x86-64), Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, or Android is a personal computer. An iPad not so much because the "person" who owns an iPad lacks control of what "computing" is done on it without buying an additional Mac and paying a substantial annual fee. (I say "additional" because the majority of PCs in use aren't Macs.) Out of the box, the owner is forced to delegate this control to Apple.

The biggest distinction in practice between Android and the desktop operating systems is that Android's window management policy offers no standard way to split the screen into areas for different applications. But I'll admit that's not essential to the definition of personal computer because it also applied to most 8-bit personal computers, Macs pre-MultiFinder, and IBM-compatible PCs pre-Windows.

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