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Comment Black tape over the camera's flash (Score 2) 104

They will not allow photography without a flash because 90% of people who thought they were not using the flash would find it fired anyway in the dimly lit viewing room.

If a photographer on museum property can show conspicuous black tape over the camera's flash, the only reason I can think of to restrict photography is monopoly protection.

Comment Forms and reports without Access (Score 1) 12

Most of my bosses have been statisticians holding PhDs in the field [who] make me use Access

There is simply no good use case for Access, IMO.

It's a journal, so I hope we're allowed a bit more leeway to drift the topic a bit more than in a story: For me, Access was a bridge toward learning SQL. I applied the knowledge to completely replace my employer's Access+VBA+MS SQL Server Express-powered application with an enhanced workalike in web+PHP+MySQL. Currently, this workalike powers Phil's Hobby Shop. But in practice, what better tool is there for rapid prototyping of CRUD forms and point-and-click creation of the SQL joins that feed into a report?

Comment But in Australia (Score 3, Informative) 104

Van Gough paintings are close enough to "2D" that a straight-on photograph without any framing or other "creative elements" in it is in the public domain.

This is true in the United States (Bridgeman v. Corel, citing Feist v. Rural). But some other countries recognize a "sweat of the brow" copyright: the Australian counterpart to Feist (Telstra v. Desktop) went the other way. I don't know how the law works in the Netherlands.

Comment Left behind in favor of what? (Score 1) 357

This is happening less and less

Citation needed that the big three record labels are placing fewer and fewer copyright claims with the PC-only option on YouTube. I'm still seeing this error message for a lot of videos on my tablet. And the mobile versions of Hulu, Pandora, and Spotify already either charge more or cap mobile use or both.

the services not catering to tablet users will get left behind.

Sounds reasonable. So in the post-SWF era, what replaces Newgrounds and Kongregate as a hosting service for web games created and uploaded by users? And what replaces Facebook as a platform for hosting a page about an organization or topic on a social networking site?

Comment The sigs in question, for the record (Score 1) 12

Nice journal post!

Thank you.

Good, lively discussion, too.

For the record, the signature with hyperbole was this:

Correlation implies 25% likelihood of causation. Either A causes B, B causes A, C causes A and B, or chance.

And after I toned it down:

Found correlation? Consider all four possibilities: A causes B, B causes A, C causes A and B, or chance.

Comment Hole betwen Mac mini and Mac Pro (Score 1, Informative) 211

iMacs have been far and away the best-selling AIOs on the market

You need a Mac to develop iOS applications or to test web sites in the latest version of Safari, and Apple has made a business decision to leave a huge hole in its desktop lineup between Mac mini and Mac Pro. How much of iMac's sales are due to this?

pretty much since the first iMac was introduced

Since Apple sued eMachines over the eOne's trade dress infringement, other PC makers haven't really tried AIO until Windows 8 brought an expectation of multitouch input to desktop operating systems.

Comment See my journal too (Score 1) 12

I previously wrote about the misuse of "correlation does not imply causation" in my own journal.

it's the fact of you wearing your seatbelt that causes you to get through the crash okay, not the fact that you get through the crash okay that causes you to have been wearing your seatbelt.

That or C. Defensive driving habits cause you to both wear your seat belt and drive in such a way as to minimize crash damage.

Comment Strength in numbers; input and genre (Score 1) 357

and I own both

It's about how many other people own both.

You left out GameStick; Mojo by mad catz; Nvidia Shield; GamePop; A range of tablet consoles from JDX; Archos Gamepad

Assuming that by JDX you mean JXD, maker of the S5110 gaming tablet: What are the sales figures for these product lines? I'm occupied this weekend, but I'll make a note to ask for these brands in both Best Buy stores in my area this week and get back to you. But I suspect the answer will be "look for them online", which doesn't help gamers become aware of these devices' existence in the first place. Something not sold in stores isn't likely to build up an installed base big enough to convince the big players that a port is worth the investment. It's the same reason that few to no commercial games were made for the GP32, GP2X, Wiz, and Caanoo.

and this is before heavyweights Amazon and Google both rumoured to step into the ring.

Anything official yet, as of late August 2013?

That is only for games "designed" or Playstation Controller first, those designed for screen input first will obviously have even less of a problem.

How would you recommend designing a Mega Man or Castlevania style platformer or a Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat style fighting game "for screen input first"? I tried playing Tetris on my aunt's iPhone and I couldn't see how one could achieve anywhere near the TPM that one can get on, say, Tetris DS. Then I tried playing the demo of Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure on my first generation Nexus 7 tablet, and the controls were so uncomfortable and gave so little feedback as to the position of my thumbs that I wished I had an NES controller to phone adapter. I couldn't even make a jump near the beginning of the second (or third?) level because of this. Platformers in Nesoid had similar problems. So ultimately, as I see it, the input method for which a game is designed first should depend on the genre. But well-known devices that ship with a gamepad have historically had far higher barriers to entry. In fact, some people have told me that it's actually the other way: the genre should depend on the size of the company, and indie developers should keep their ideas for games in gamepad-centered genres to themselves and make games in point-and-click genres until they're big enough to qualify for a Sony or Nintendo license. But I'm open to evidence otherwise.

Comment Log into a PC to create your Page (Score 1) 357

Consumers are already abandoning PCs for tablets, and they're not coming back.

They will when they frequently see things like "The content owner has not made this video available on mobile" (YouTube) or "You'll need to log into a desktop computer to create your Page" (Facebook) or absolutely nothing playable (Albino Blacksheep, Newgrounds).

Comment Genres that aren't so touch-friendly (Score 1) 357

DirectX isn't the selling point it once was...It doesn't run on Android for a start, That is half your potential market

For a game designed with a keyboard or an Xbox 360 Controller in mind, I don't see how Android is so relevant. Only a few Android devices come with a controller, such as the Xperia Play phone and the OUYA console. The rest have only a touch screen, which isn't so ideal for genres that aren't point-and-click. Or are people really willing to buy a $40-$60 clip-on controller to play a $3 game?

Comment Videos unavailable on mobile (Score 2) 357

the day of everyone having a desktop (and a little later a notebook) running Windows is dying, and dying very rapidly. Tablets and smartphones are rendering the PC pointless.

There are a lot of things that one can't do without a desktop or laptop PC. These include the free version of Hulu, the free version of Spotify, videos on YouTube that say "The content owner has not made this video available on mobile", or creating a nickname, Page, or ad on Facebook.

my Nexus 7 and iPhone are the email workhorses the rest of the time

Did your Nexus 7 get upgraded to Android 4.3? If so, did you have to root it to rename Vendor_0a5c_Product_8502.kl in order to keep using a Bluetooth keyboard?

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