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Comment Keyboard case for your phone (Score 1) 135

Search for "unlocked cellphone with hardware keyboard" and you will understand the problem.

Couldn't it be solved by making a case with a slide-out Bluetooth keyboard? Google tells me that such cases exist for iPhone 4/4S and Galaxy S3; I don't know if any single chassis shape for any other model has enough market share to merit making a compatible case.

Comment Google Play Services (Score 2) 81

One method is Google Play Services. I've noticed that even on a 2.2 device, the app formerly known as Android Market installed a new application called "Google Settings" and an .apk file handler called "Verify and Install". Apparently app verification, introduced alongside Android 4.2, is some subset of the "bouncer" that Google uses to reject applications exhibiting the most common malicious behaviors, and Google could easily update it to reject .apk files that include two files with the same name.

Comment Re:one word ... (Score 1) 298

Nobody has a monopoly on self-help books. One author can write a self-help book with a cheese metaphor; another can write a competing self-help book with a parachute metaphor.

Comment Re:one word ... (Score 1) 298

Things are sold based on the real value as determined by what a willing buyer will pay.

Ideally, what buyers are willing to pay would be driven down over time toward the cost of production.

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