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Comment Apple beat Microsoft to the Start Menu (Score 1) 543

There must be a reason nearly every Linux desktop, at least since FVWM, has copied some form of the Start menu

It might be because Microsoft all but lifted the Start Menu from Apple. Since System 7.0 (June 1991), classic Mac OS allowed users to put "aliases" (shortcuts) to their favorite applications in the Apple Menu Items folder. System 7.5 (September 1994) added the ability to organize these shortcuts into folders, producing roughly the same effect as the Start Menu that Microsoft would add to Windows a year later.

Comment Windows act as an anchor (Score 1) 543

You can now set the background of the start menu to just show the same image as the desktop

Do the tiles appear on top of the windows that are on the desktop, or do they still hide all the windows that are on the desktop? The presence of the windows that are on the desktop acts as an anchor to keep the user's train of thought on its proverbial tracks. If the tiles showed up on top of the windows, possibly with a dimming or blurring effect like the UAC prompt and the area behind window title bars in Windows 7 Aero, that might be enough to avoid doorway amnesia.

Comment Full screen switch produces loss of context (Score 3, Interesting) 543

When you start a full-screen application, such as a Windows Store app or the Windows 8 Start Screen, you lose the visual context of having the application semi-visible in the background, and you tend to forget what you were working on. The effect has been called doorway amnesia; see also my previous comments. Classic Shell makes it about as tolerable as Windows 7.

Comment FCC: Only We Can Regulate Unlicensed Spectrum (Score 1) 1103

and if you brought your own internet you were not allowed to use it they would have people checking if there were any signals floating around that were not theirs.

I don't know what country you live in, but in the United States, the FCC would have shut down that practice. See this story from nine years ago.

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