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Comment Re-buy (Score 1) 376

[we] always seem to wind up on the play store wondering why google is selling us games that only run on my damn phone, while we're on the chrome

Probably for the same reason Nintendo is selling Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U and Smash Bros. 4 for Nintendo 3DS as separate SKUs: so that you'll buy both.

Comment Need 4.2 and either 7" or root (Score 1) 244

Prior to Jelly Bean 2 (Android 4.2), Android didn't really have multiuser capabilities. How many Android devices in the field are running Jelly Bean 2? Many are still shipping with Gingerbread (2.3). And as I understand it, phones still don't ship with multiuser; only 7" and bigger tablets do. You have to root to get multiuser on a phone.

Comment Re: Foreshadowing (Score 1) 376

Would you use a desk big enough to hold only one sheet of paper? Alt-tabbing between your textbook and where you are writing your solutions to the exercises can get tiring.

Comment Re: Foreshadowing (Score 1) 376

21 inches for one application? Google has strongly resisted any attempt to add tiled or overlapping window management policy to stock Android. This means applications have to be coded to each hardware manufacturer's proprietary window management API. I can dig up Google employees' explanation of this "all maximized all the time" policy and why Cornerstone isn't in CyanogenMod if you want.

Comment Then game on consoles (Score 1) 376

There are also fans of console-exclusive franchises (e.g. anything whose characters appear in Smash Bros. series except Sonic), fans of genres that rarely get ported to PC (e.g. fighting games, platformers, and certain JRPGs), and people who prefer one-button convenience in their gaming. These people may do their gaming on a console and everything else on OS X or GNU/Linux.

Comment Copyleft vs. permissive licensing (Score 1) 104

When the likes of Sony seem perfectly willing to use Free Software

Sony uses permissively licensed free software, such as *BSD operating systems. The X-series MPEG-4 video encoders (Xvid, x264, and x265), on the other hand, are copylefted. Console makers in general ban copylefted software on their platforms because allowing game publishers to distribute "Installation Information" (GPLv3) or "scripts to control [...] installation" (GPLv2) would allow other publishers to circumvent licensing.

Comment Next optical disc format (Score 1) 104

The thing is h264 is maybe too entrenched, it took many years to have many millions of devices supporting it

The same was true of MPEG-2 hardware (DVD players) and MPEG-4 ASP hardware (DVD players with DivX). It took Blu-ray and smartphones to get AVC hardware into users' hands. People replace smartphones regularly. And just as Blu-ray Disc with AVC replaced DVD-Video with MPEG-2, whatever optical disc format replaces Blu-ray Disc is likely to include HEVC as an option for 4K video.

Comment Dedicated AVC hardware or programmable DSP? (Score 1) 104

Does "hardware support for H.264" refer to dedicated silicon that does nothing but AVC decoding, or does it refer to implementing AVC's inner loops in a programmable digital signal processor such as a GPU? If the latter, it may be reprogrammable for HEVC. In fact, with HEVC increasing opportunities for parallelism, it might be easier to bring the GPU in.

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