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Comment Re:I did that on my nephews Android (Score 1) 120

Look into OTHER commands like chmod existing in the ADB commandset then

chmod won't do anything if a whole file system is read-only. To make /system writable, it must be remounted, and only root can do that. The key difference between GNU/Linux and Android is that on GNU/Linux, the owner of the PC has root by default.

All I know is, I did ADB 'pull' on my nephews phone

Was it rooted? That's what I meant by the backup requirement: to root a Nexus 7 tablet, you need to unlock the bootloader (fastboot oem unlock), and that wipes the device.

Comment No cheaper alternative compatible with purchases (Score 1) 103

Do the people buy apple hardware because there is no cheaper alternative

Correct. There is no cheaper alternative to play books, videos, and apps with Apple DRM, except perhaps an as-is previous-generation device from a pawn shop. And when the iPhone and iPod touch first came out, iTunes Plus hadn't landed yet, and people wanted a phone compatible with their library of FairPlay DRM purchases from what was then called the iTunes Music Store. Finally, the iPhone arrived roughly a year before the HTC Dream, and the iPod touch had a four year lead over Samsung's Galaxy Player, giving people plenty of time to lock themselves into what was then called iPhone OS.

Comment hosts is on a read-only file system (Score 1) 120

[To configure Android's DNS resolver], a devtool like ADB and its 'pull' command will do

But when I try to adb push a file back, I get an error "Read-only file system". Google apparently doesn't want end users to be able to specify whom to trust. Apparently I have to back everything up, wipe the device, and pray that everything restores properly before I'm allowed to edit system files.

Comment Inaccurate emulators (Score 1) 230

For one thing, I've written plenty of programs that work in emulators but fail on hardware. (It takes literally four instructions to get Nesticle's behavior to diverge from that of an actual NES, for instance.) For another, the x86-64 box under a developer's desk is unlikely to support multi-touch input for pinch zoom, virtual gamepad, and anything else needing two points of contact.

Comment Re:Apple did this when they switched to PPC. (Score 1) 230

Fat binaries were fine when software was shipped on CD-ROM or over unmetered wired broadband. It's less fine when software is shipped over a cellular connection that's billed by the bit. It's also less fine when people routinely uninstall large applications from a device's single-digit GB storage to free space for other things. And without an emulator for legacy applications, it's also less fine for people who want to continue running applications that haven't been recompiled.

Comment Price discrimination (Score 1) 230

I think they do that already; filter apps you see via a device compatibility matrix.

The challenge is to make the filtered list other-than-empty without having to convince developers to recompile. I imagine that some developers are likely to refuse to recompile in order to price discriminate between the desktop market and the mobile market, where people aren't willing to pay as much per app as in the desktop market.

Comment Re:MS likely screwed themselves over (Score 1) 174

Perhaps games could display a generic controller. Granted, the order of HID controllers' buttons varies greatly, but if games can phone home for digital restrictions management, they can certainly phone home to tell the developer which make, model, and VID/PID of HID controllers are most popular.

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