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Comment If anybody else can make a competing CDM (Score 1) 337

MS has a desktop monopoly, now they refuse to sell their CDM to other people operating in that space. Is that kosher or not?

It's kosher as long as anybody else can make a competing CDM that supports Windows and other platforms and sell it to VOD providers. Let me draw an analogy: Microsoft has a desktop monopoly and refuses to sell Halo 2 for other desktop operating systems. Is that kosher? Yes, because anybody else can sell a competing first-person shooter.

The real issue is that GNU/Linux lacks the infrastructure to support a CDM acceptable to the movie studios. To the developers of Linux and X.Org X11, "DRM" means direct rendering manager, not digital restrictions management. I haven't really seen any way to turn off cleartext digital outputs and keep debuggers and hypervisors from teeing the decrypted video to a file.

Comment Re:what about chrome os? (Score 1) 337

If you want to get rid of DRM, you need to show them that it's not necessary. The best way you can do that is by not pirating their stuff

The trouble is that even if I create my own stuff instead of pirating their stuff, some big publishers are likely to claim that my stuff is too similar. I know of companies that already do that.

Comment There are three kinds of Linux system (Score 1) 337

The Linux crowd includes cheap effective set-top boxes, like Roku. You may want to alter your argument.

And it is then that you realize why Richard Stallman insisted on the term GNU/Linux. Graphical computers that use the Linux kernel can be divided into three categories. The first is GNU/Linux, which uses glibc, GNU Coreutils, an X11 server, and a Free desktop environment such as Xfce, KDE Plasma, GNOME, or Unity. The second is Android. The third is embedded Linux, seen on home router appliances and "cheap effective set-top boxes", and this variant is the most likely of the three to be thoroughly Tivoized.

Comment Re:Not really HTML5 (Score 1) 337

Let me take a guess as to why Amazon allows high-definition streams of television shows but not movies to be played on a PC. Movie publishers insist on HDCP for high-definition outputs. OTA TV, on the other hand, is required to be broadcast in the clear, and even some cable channels aren't strict about requiring DTCP.

Comment Selling support for a video game (Score 1) 224

Companies have formed around developing and supporting free software. You just change the business model away from selling per-unit packages into selling services and support.

What "services and support" would one sell for, say, a Free video game? Selling mission packs would lead to the situation described in the article, where the meshes, textures, maps, audio, and scripts that make up the mission pack are not free software.

Comment Either no buttons or no indie (Score 1) 74

I'm pretty sure most people already have at least one portable device to play games on

The vast majority of these portable devices suffer from one of two flaws. It could be that the device has no buttons for applications' use, making it unsuitable for certain genres such as platformers and fighting games. This is true of most phones and tablets, which ship without a built-in gamepad and aren't bundled with a Bluetooth gamepad. For example, the only buttons on many iOS and Android devices are system buttons: sleep, quit, volume up, and volume down. Or it could be that the device has only one app store whose inclusion policy is unfriendly to small developers. This has historically been true of Sony and Nintendo handhelds; it may have changed recently, but I haven't done any in-depth checks.

Comment No Wii Remote on Android 4.2 (Score 2) 74

I've paired a Wii classic controller through bluetooth

The application you probably used to do this stopped working under Android 4.2. Now all I get on my Nexus 7 is "No route to host".

There's countless bluetooth joysticks in the world.

But not 900 million of them. How many people would be willing to buy a $60 Bluetooth joystick that clamps onto a phone or tablet just to play a $3 game?

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