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Comment Selling support for a video game (Score 1) 224

Companies have formed around developing and supporting free software. You just change the business model away from selling per-unit packages into selling services and support.

What "services and support" would one sell for, say, a Free video game? Selling mission packs would lead to the situation described in the article, where the meshes, textures, maps, audio, and scripts that make up the mission pack are not free software.

Comment Either no buttons or no indie (Score 1) 74

I'm pretty sure most people already have at least one portable device to play games on

The vast majority of these portable devices suffer from one of two flaws. It could be that the device has no buttons for applications' use, making it unsuitable for certain genres such as platformers and fighting games. This is true of most phones and tablets, which ship without a built-in gamepad and aren't bundled with a Bluetooth gamepad. For example, the only buttons on many iOS and Android devices are system buttons: sleep, quit, volume up, and volume down. Or it could be that the device has only one app store whose inclusion policy is unfriendly to small developers. This has historically been true of Sony and Nintendo handhelds; it may have changed recently, but I haven't done any in-depth checks.

Comment No Wii Remote on Android 4.2 (Score 2) 74

I've paired a Wii classic controller through bluetooth

The application you probably used to do this stopped working under Android 4.2. Now all I get on my Nexus 7 is "No route to host".

There's countless bluetooth joysticks in the world.

But not 900 million of them. How many people would be willing to buy a $60 Bluetooth joystick that clamps onto a phone or tablet just to play a $3 game?

Comment Signing certificate per platform (Score 1) 104

Apart from platforms that use OpenPGP, such as .deb-based GNU/Linux platforms, each platform has a separate signing certificate. OS X has its own, Android has its own, iOS has its own, and Windows has two: Authenticode for desktop applications and the Windows Store developer license for immersive applications. For small developers, it's a hassle to keep all of them renewed, but for companies big enough to draw targeted attacks like this, it's a benefit.

Comment Re:Microsoft Office on Android? (Score 1) 247

Based only on the name, CloudOn looks like it works on the same principle as VNC, RDP, or OnLive. This has two implications: it doesn't work at all on a tablet disconnected from the Internet, such as a tablet being used while riding the bus. And even when you do have Internet access, such as the phone docked for use as a desktop computer that fauxjargon mentioned, it'll eat through your monthly cap. The PDF overview confirms my guess: offline use does not work.

Based on the same PDF overview, something else worries me:

Any edits you make to your files within the CloudOn workspace are automatically saved, so there is no need to take an explicit save action using the File menu. We also do not currently offer a "Save As" feature although that is something we are considering for a future release

Automatic saving means no way to Revert. I have lost data in the past when deletions were automatically saved.

Comment Key continuity management: MITM'd from day one (Score 1) 104

What you describe is called "key continuity management".

First time you get a public key from an email that you trust

How should one decide to trust a particular e-mail? The sender can spoof the From address.

SSH currently will do a key exchange using the first-time approach without a certification authority

Your SSH connection could be MITM'd from day one and you might not notice it.

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