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Comment They'd just have to copy T-Mobile's business model (Score 2) 77

The carriers now will say that they have to raise prices or even completely do away with contract subsidies in order to be competitive.

Then they'd have to compete with their MVNOs and T-Mobile USA, all of which have been itemizing the hardware and the service for years. Prepaid MVNOs have always sold the phone up front, and even before T-Mobile branded itself "the un-carrier", it had the SIM-only "Even More Plus" plan that offered a discount for bringing a compatible phone or buying one up front.

Comment Group Policy (Score 1) 92

Cheaper and easier to convince the PHB to buy a certificate signed by a public CA, than install your own CA certificate on every browser in your company.

Then your organization's IT department needs to learn about Group Policy and its counterparts on other common personal computing platforms.

Comment Compartmentalization (Score 1) 92

But if it is only accessible within the private network, do you really need it wrapped up in SSL at all?

Yes, for reasons of privacy from people in other departments who don't deserve access to particular pieces of information. For example, a hospital regulated under HIPAA wouldn't want a surgeon snooPING AS usual on the health information of patients who aren't hers.

Comment A game's publisher is allowed to dictate (Score 1) 116

The real interesting stuff will be the cultural shift when video games start to challenge the popularity of athletic sports.

I expect that to happen around the 2080s when the copyrights in popular multiplayer video games start expiring, provided that national legislatures don't extend the term of copyright again. Until then, a game's publisher is allowed to dictate who, when, where, and how broadcasts are allowed to happen.

Comment Chess isn't subject to copyright takedowns (Score 1) 116

If people classify chess as a sport, so should these things, no?

No. The difference is that Chess is more than 95 years old. Anyone can sell Chess equipment and stream Chess matches without permission from FIDE or any other governing body. With games like StarCraft, on the other hand, all leagues operate at the pleasure of Actiblizzard. If Actiblizzard doesn't like a league, then under current law, it can shut down the league's streams with a copyright claim.

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