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Comment Platforms with a web browser but no JVM. (Score 1) 227


Until you run into one of the things that Java doesn't handle by itself, such as gamepad input, OpenGL graphics, webcam access, etc. Then you have to install native code. Or until you run into a platform that doesn't have a JVM. I know of plenty of platforms with a web browser but no JVM, and I can list them if you wish.

not having to beg each platform's owner (like Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony) for permission to run your application

I'm not talking locked down environments here; I'm talking environments in which you'd actually play a game or use multimedia software, i.e. at home/on your own computer.

A lot of people prefer to "actually play a game" on their own game console at home, and game consoles other than OUYA are locked down environments. They don't run Java applets or Java applications.

Comment Re:Design for multiple languages (Score 1) 227

Hint hint back then there was no firefox. Netscape had too many quirks compared to the more standards compliant IE 6.

Yes, IE 6 was better than Netscape 4.7. But I remember having used Mozilla Application Suite as my primary browser since my junior year of college, which would put it sometime around the 0.9 series (and around the release of IE 6). I think I still have some of the minimal test cases that I wrote for But I admit that my use pattern was atypical.

You are looking at this with 2013 glasses.

So as of 2013, how should a web application that needs WebGL, IndexedDB, and/or Stream API inform the user when Modernizr returns a bunch of falses? Showing "Best viewed with Firefox or Chrome" when a feature is detected as missing in IE (Windows), IE (Windows Phone), Safari (OS X), Safari (iOS), or Android Browser (Android 2.x) would bring us back to the "Best viewed with" days of 1999, wouldn't it?

Comment Library hours (Score 1) 372

how about instead of shitting [citation needed] all over the article you actually get your fat butt to the library and look up some citations

Because the library's hours don't fit well with my job. And if not wanting to take a day off just to add citations to Wikipedia makes me lazy

how about instead of shitting [citation needed] all over the article you actually get, then please forgive me for being lazy.

Comment Then block the BS (Score 1) 568

Some pages are a meg with all of the attached BS and javascript.

Try blocking the hostnames that serve nothing but bloat, such as the hostnames associated with video ads and social recommendation ("like" buttons). You can do this with the hosts file or browser add-ons. Also try blocking Flash using the "click to play plug-ins" feature in modern versions of Firefox and Chrome.

Comment Editors with balloon fever (Score 1) 372

My last (and only) time trying to edit wikipedia was years ago in an article about hot air balloons. I noticed that "aluminum" and "aluminium" were used interchangeably throughout the article

Hot air balloon consistently uses "aluminium", and Hot air ballooning doesn't mention the element at all. I couldn't find a note about the spelling in either article's talk page. So which article was it?

I checked on it a few months later and it still had the mismash of spellings, and the addition of a note in the talk page critical of my edit.

Did you reply to the note in the talk page? The standard practice on Wikipedia is to plead your case on the article's talk page after getting reverted. And what's your username on Wikipedia so that I can help? If you don't feel comfortable answering here, please answer on my user talk page.

Comment Try Wikibooks or a specialized wiki (Score 1) 372

Wikipedia is not a how-to guide; it is an encyclopedia. Wikipedia does, however, have a project page listing other outlets for this sort of thing. One of them is Wikibooks, which is more accepting of how-to information. There's a page about hosts that needs your input. Or find a specialized wiki about system administration and submit your hosts file instructions there.

Comment Requirement of machine-readable copyright status (Score 1) 372

"This page does not have the Stupid Crap Policy macro indicating some stupid crap. If this macro is not added in seven days, this page will be deleted. This comment was added by a mindless bot."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only policy I've seen giving a week's timeframe for deletion if a template is not added is image copyright status. Not paying attention to copyright could get Wikipedia or licensees of Wikipedia sued and shut down. Wikipedia requires all images to carry machine-readable assertions of copyright status so that licensees can automatically identify and omit images whose copyright status happens to be unsuitable for a particular reuse case.

Comment $4K monitor (Score 2) 91

The Xbox One and PS4, for example, will be good at 1080p but ultimately only a few times faster than the previous generation consoles.

I believe the same sort of slowdown happened at the end of the fourth generation. The big improvements of the Genesis over the Master System were the second background layer, somewhat larger sprites, and the 68000 CPU.

Good luck gaming on a high resolution monitor spending less than $500.

Good luck buying a good 4K monitor for substantially less than $4K.

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