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Comment No gamepads on iPod touch 4 (Score 1) 289

Apple is also dropping support for the fourth-generation iPod touch, which was the current model nine months ago. Because gamepad support is new in iOS 7, and game developers who haven't been able to get into Nintendo's far more selective developer program will be itching to finally have access to physical controls, watch games get quickly updated to be incompatible with the iPT4.

Comment expectation of free (Score 1) 289

The problem with games is that they're more difficult to develop on a (DFSG) free software model than applications that are not games. Creating assets other than code costs money, and you have to recoup expenses somehow. The problem with paid apps on Android is that Android got launched in a lot of countries that didn't have Google Checkout yet, meaning the only way to get an app in front of users in those countries was to offer it without charge. This set an expectation among users even in other countries that apps would be $0.00.

Comment Nonliteral copying (Score 1) 344

Thee is a concept in copyright called nonliteral copying. If enough of the preceding conversation matches concept for concept that the passage ends up being a close paraphrase, any clause meaning "I honestly don't care" might infringe. Individual ideas are not subject to copyright so much as their selection and arrangement. Otherwise, one could get away with rewriting a best-selling novel in simplified language and calling it one's own original children's book.

Comment Re:Translation is a copyright owner's exclusive ri (Score 1) 344

An adaptation is a work based on another work. Because it's a work, it deserves its own copyright, but because it's based on another work, it requires permission from the author of the older work unless the original work was created before 1923 (the perpetual copyright cutoff). As for a permissively licensed modern-language translation of the Christian Bible, you could always try the World English Bible.

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