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Comment Cloud backup service's storage cap (Score 1) 202

Laptop users that I've worked with tend to use cloud backup, which I tend to encourage

Guess what a laptop user does when he runs into the cloud backup service's storage cap. He cuts down the set of folders that get backed up. Expanding offline backup capacity doesn't have an annual fee per GB like what iCloud, Dropbox, and SkyDrive charge.

Comment Financial stability and platform availability (Score 1) 148

Stability + Performance = All that the end user will care about.

Doesnt matter who made it, or what their background is.

A lot of companies use financial stability of the developer as a heuristic for guessing the developer's level of quality control and the stability of maintenance of the product.

As long as the program runs stable, and, with respectable performance, the end user wont think twice about who made it.

It has to 1. run stable, 2. perform respectably, and 3. run on the end user's preferred platform. A lot of platform gatekeepers have historically had anti-hobbyist policies, such as video game console manufacturers.

Comment Can it be deducted? (Score 1) 148

So lets drop the hobbyist title. If someone is working a home business that isn't yet profitable because there is an awful lot of overhead to code first, they've been working that time.

Then you'll have to get half of the House of Representatives and half of the Senate to amend the definition of hobby in the part of the tax code related to business expense deductions.

Comment 5 years of experience on 3 year old product (Score 1) 148

If your HR department requires five years of experience on a product that has been available to the public for three years, of course people are going to fabricate credentials. The only way someone could have that much experience is if he was actually on the team that developed the product. Are HR departments really trying to poach from such a company?

Comment Trialware (Score 1) 340

And it strikes me as really disturbing when a machine with all free software is more expensive than the same machine without free software.

On a PC that comes with Windows, the fees that trialware developers pay PC makers to get their non-free trialware preinstalled is believed to exceed the price of a non-free OS license.

Comment Gauge, gouge, haw haw (Score 1) 340

psyclone wrote:

Instead of needing to manufacture a new laptop, simply "refurbish" an existing model and [measure] your target market.

Anonymous Coward made a pun between the word used for "measure" and a word that means "economically exploit":

You meant to type gouge, I'm sure.

I see your joke, but sometimes there's a good reason to put a prototype into limited production for early adopters. See "Test market" on Wikipedia.

An automated install of some free software (they didn't develop) is hardly worth charging 300 dollars for.

The advantage of a preinstall is that drivers are guaranteed to work.

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