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Comment I Moved Your Cheese (Score 3) 237

we don't live in an ideal world

Agreed so far. But understanding how each deviation from the ideal came about can prove useful in improving the lot of each of us.

and one needs to remember that we're not out to change it.

You need to read I Moved Your Cheese by Deepak Malhotra, an unofficial sequel to a widely read business fable. You can take change lying down, or you can become an instrument of change.

Comment When Wii U, PS4, and XbOne all run AMD (Score 2) 237

Considering it's a console that plugs into a TV, I don't think this matters much at all. Valve's definitely been throwing their weight around demanding better performance and fewer bugs, though.

That or the fact that of the four eighth-generation consoles available now, all three run AMD graphics. PS4 and Xbox One have essentially the same AMD APU, and Wii U is reportedly built on a Radeon HD 5000. Only the OUYA console has NVIDIA graphics, and that's the same Tegra 3 that's in the first-generation Nexus 7. Perhaps this is NV's attempt to redeem itself to gamers who say OUYA doesn't count.

Comment Re:Cash or checks from individuals (Score 1) 674

I haven't had a job in the past 20 years that couldn't do direct deposit.

My experience differs. Is an employer's insistence on paper checks worth changing jobs over? I know a lot of banks charge a monthly service fee for a checking account that has not had a sufficiently large ACH deposit in the past month.

Most ATMs around me have deposit features.

Same here. This works as long as 1. you're not trying to deposit coins and 2. your bank happens to own an ATM within reasonable cycling distance of your home. I can deposit checks and Fed notes into my Chase checking account at the local Chase ATM, but that wouldn't work so well if I were to open an account at an online-only bank.

Comment Re:Scanning checks requires a smartphone (Score 1) 674

You don't need a smartphone plan to have Wi-Fi on your phone.

But I'd still have to buy a $200 phone to be used only for scanning checks while I have a perfectly working HP scanner at home. I wouldn't even be able to use it as my regular cell phone because the CDMA2000 carriers won't activate a voice-only plan on a smartphone, and AT&T is notorious for cramming a data plan onto a voice-only SIM inserted into a smartphone.

I have an android phone and an android tablet. I've not seen anything that worked on only one.

I'm on Comcast at home, and the Google Play Store page for the Bing app says the following:

Asus Nexus 7
This item is not available on your carrier.

Bing shows as unavailable on the Amazon Appstore page as well.

Comment Re:Capital from luck (Score 1) 196

put's their ancestor's _previous work_ at risk. it's not risk-less.

His ancestor's work is not his own work.

Irrelevant -- guilt baiting is not a good argument strategy

I don't see how birth country is irrelevant. Someone born in subsaharan Africa or the DPRK is not likely to happen upon an opportunity to become a successful businessperson, no matter how much he works.

probably worked very hard for no income before being discovered

So if I work very hard for no income, how can I ensure that my working very hard for no income will help me end up discovered?

We can all be successful, with a lot of work and a little luck.

So how should one improve his career plan's tolerance for bad luck?

Comment Re:Inigo Montoya... (Score 3, Informative) 130

Yeah... I was wondering how to hook up the teletype and the terminal servers.

Through the Ethernet port, using SSH protocol. Ultimately, anything with preemptive multitasking and virtual memory can fill the role of a minicomputer. An 8-bit MCU is a micro, but a VAX or i386-family PC is a mini.

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