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Comment 3GP == MP4 (Score 1) 331

With videos it's even harder, my new phone only records in *.3gp files

Wikipedia says 3GP, 3G2, and MP4 are essentially the same thing as MOV (the ISO base media file format), and video can be ASP or AVC. Did you try just renaming it to .mov or .mp4? Or do you need to transcode because your camera records ASP and browsers expect AVC?

Comment Offline viewing (Score 3, Insightful) 140

users should be able to legitimately watch content from anywhere in the world at any time

Does "anywhere" include on a city bus? What I'd like to be officially able to do is queue up some 1- to 10-minute videos to watch, download them (possibly using encryption) while connected to the Internet, disconnect, and watch them. Even if offline viewing were restricted to 360p, that'd still be better than having to pay hundreds of USD per year for cellular Internet for my Nexus 7 tablet.

Comment GUI unfamiliarity wasn't all of it (Score 1) 100

[People who bought a GNU/Linux netbook tended to be unsatisfied] because they didn't know how to use Linux. They'd buy the machine, get it home, unbox it, boot up, then suddenly ask 'What the hell is this crap?' and 'Why can't I install my software?'.

Unfamiliarity with the GUI didn't stop people from taking to the iPad. The reason has to be more subtle.

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