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Comment "This file is not commonly downloaded" (Score 1) 391

Back in July 2010, Microsoft claimed that SmartScreen on Internet Explorer had already blocked over a billion attempts to access sites containing security risks.

One issue with SmartScreen is how it treats new releases as false positives. An executable file or installer package that SmartScreen hasn't already seen several dozen times, such as a new release of a Windows application developed by a hobbyist, will get marked as "This file is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer", and IE makes the user click through two different shapes of alert boxes in order to get any option other than "Delete".

Comment Controllers not compatible with iPod touch 4 (Score 1) 315

Either a lot of big-name games are going to have to come up with controller support at once, or each developer will have to somehow convince each user to buy a $59 controller to play a single $3 game. Besides, people who own an iPhone 4 or a fourth-generation iPod touch are still left out because iOS 7 requires an iPhone 4S or newer or a fifth-generation iPod touch. This means anyone who bought an iPod touch before October of last year will have to buy not only a controller but also another iPod touch. Who will buy a $299 iPod touch to play a $3 game?

Comment Bundled or used controllers (Score 1) 419

Yes, because PS3 and XBOX wireless controllers are $10 each, right?

Player 1's controller is $0 with the purchase of a console. Additional controllers are needed only for same-screen multiplayer, and Slashdot regulars such as CronoCloud have long maintained that same-screen is most useful to children, who have already become a minority in the market, and is dying out in favor of online. Besides, I've found it a lot easier to find used controllers for consoles than for phones. I bought the Xbox 360 wired controller that I use for PC gaming at this pawn shop.

I'd rather pay $60 for a game controller and $3 for each game [and] I'd be surprised if the majority of people (casual gamers) won't feel the same way, especially with portable games improving so much in quality.

I was under the impression that casual gamers expected handheld games to be in point-and-click genres, like Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Bejeweled, and the like. On consoles, conventional wisdom is that games requiring a specialized accessory (like Guitar Hero, DDR, and Wii Fit) have tended to sell well only when bundled with that accessory.

Let me rephrase it a different way: If you were to find an Android game on Google Play that could not be played to completion with just the on-screen gamepad, how many people do you think would ignore the "Controller strongly recommended" in the description, buy it, and give a one-star rating that it's too hard?

One could develop an Android-exclusive application that requires a gamepad [for the] forthcoming Ouya game console

All the android gamepads cost around that same price.

I wasn't singling out iPhone vs. Android as much as iPhone vs. 3DS/Vita. The Ouya console includes one controller. And even if you limit it to phones and tablets, if you happen to own an Xbox 360 controller or any HID controllers for the PC, those work with an Android 4 device through a $2 USB OTG cable.

Comment Three good reasons to go Android-exclusive (Score 1) 419

Nobody is going to make an Android-exclusive software

"Nobody" is a strong word. Consider these three scenarios:

One could develop an Android-exclusive application and use the revenue to buy a Mac, an iTrinket, and a developer certificate on which to port the application to iOS.

One could develop an Android-exclusive application in one of the categories that Apple is known to ban.

One could develop an Android-exclusive application that requires a gamepad. The forthcoming Ouya game console runs Android, and for game genres that aren't point-and-click, an on-screen gamepad isn't really a substitute for physical buttons. Let me know when Apple even ships a standard game controller for its current iBaubles.

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