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Comment AMD botnet (Score 0) 251

Between now and mid-April when Microsoft stops putting out security updates for Windows XP, I bet AMD driver exploits (including WebGL exploits that hit vulnerabilities in Catalyst) are going to be a major way to 0wn the remaining Windows XP PCs.

Comment Re:As the song asks... (Score 1) 358

Because the owner says so

I was expecting an answer from the owner's perspective.

Because providing our code to competitors could cause us to lose our competitive edge?

If your program is useful to a competitor, then perhaps the competitor's improvements to your program are useful to you. Better yet, if your program is useful to one of the clients or suppliers who has to interact with you, that could improve your ability to make money.

Because there's no point releasing code that wouldn't be useful to anyone other than us?

Then there's no risk in releasing it to anyone else either, is there?

There are a whole stack of reasons for not open-sourcing business code

I'll agree for the sake of argument that some code is better left a trade secret, but not all code.

Comment Point and click vs. buttons (Score 1) 403

Well, be using OpenGL they get all this plus easy portability to OSX, Linux

Citation needed that the market for OS X and GNU/Linux versions of a game combined exceed the market for an Xbox 360 port.

Android, iOS

Portability to Android and iOS doesn't help if your game is in a genre that uses discrete buttons rather than point-and-click interaction. iOS has no official game controller API until iOS 7 comes out, and iOS 7 won't run on any iPod touch sold more than eight months ago. And until this month (June 2013), Android had only one well-known device that came bundled with a controller, namely the Xperia Play by Sony.

Comment Is Windows 8 destroying PC gaming on purpose? (Score 2) 403

My point comes down to this, anyone reviewing Window 8 should do so with a touch screen. Never install in a desktop. If you are doing a gaming computer, wait for MS to find a better balance between desktop use of their OS and the portable design, which metro is intended for.

In other words, Windows 8 was intended to get PC gamers to buy a touch laptop and an Xbox One instead of a desktop PC.

Comment Windows 8 + Classic Shell for me (Score 1) 403

metro is just crap, which is why I specifically ordered windows 7 pro w/my shiny new haswell/780m notebook.

I order Windows 8 so that I can get three more years of "extended support", but I make sure to specify Classic Shell so that the environment formerly known as Metro is segregated in the ghetto where it belongs.

Comment What isn't a rehash? (Score 1) 403

99% of the new AAA games for windows are only rehashes of older ones

What video game released in the past decade isn't a rehash of another game? Even the Katamari series, which reviewers praised for its innovation, is just the obvious adaptation of the 1982 arcade game Bubbles to a 3D platformer environment.

Comment Re:Sheeple follow their games (Score 4, Informative) 403

Windows 8 comes with app store functionality bundled.

Applications available through this store must use only the Windows Runtime API (section 3.1). This API lacks DirectInput (source), which means Windows Store games on desktop computers can't use inexpensive or specialized game controllers. They're limited to a keyboard (for Player 1 only), a mouse (for Player 1 only), and an Xbox 360 Controller (which must be licensed by Microsoft). Games must be fully playable with a touch screen alone (section 3.5), which rules out several genres that rely on giving the player physical buttons to perform actions, and it can't have more than five seconds of loading even when run on the cheapest Atom-powered computer with a spinning disk hard drive (section 3.8). Nor may it allow users to create scripts and share them with one another (section 3.9), ruling out user-created game mods that aren't just mesh/texture swaps and the entire Programming Game genre. Nor do games with retro-style low-definition pixel-art graphics like Mega Man 9 appear to be supported, as their screenshots are smaller than 1366x768 (section 6.8).

Comment Windows XP and integrated graphics (Score 3, Insightful) 403

It's amazing how much DX9 stuff we still see.

I imagine that companies that ship DirectX 9-compatible game engines are trying not to exclude some PC owners from their market. These potential customers own PCs with Windows XP, PCs with older video cards that don't support all the new features of DirectX 10 let alone 11, and PCs with no video card at all whose integrated graphics can't easily make use of new DirectX features.

Comment Claim 2 is USB + memory (Score 1) 282

I made my comment based solely on the patent's claims. A lot of other users appear to have got hung up on parts of the description of the invention, but the claims are the only part of any patent that has legal force, not the description. Claim 1 appears general enough to cover any pair of connectors like this. Claim 2, a dependent claim, names both USB and memory, making no specific reference to the MultiMediaCard or Secure Digital specification.

Comment Not yet ported to Android BECAUSE of no gamepad (Score 1) 74

How much time/money do you think it takes to implement gamepad support compared to the rest of a game project's development? Maybe a couple of days with an SDK?

Sometimes, the producer doesn't even consider porting a particular game to a particular platform until the platform has gamepad support. In such a case, it might take even longer to get the port up and running, as the port team would have to familiarize itself with the new platform. Ouya and Shield hitting store shelves and the "Gooya" announcement are likely to change this.

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