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Comment Re:Doesn't ship with a PC (Score 1) 292

It just happens that (from a sample size of a large group of friends) that we all own 360s and PCs.

Doesn't help people who own a Wii and a PC, or a PS3 and a PC. Or people whose only gaming PC is stuck on a desk in another room.

The whole point of Big Picture Mode with Steam is about playing on your couch with a controller.

Which is why I asked for stats on Big Picture uptake. If I were to believe people like adolf, nobody is willing to build a second PC for Big Picture. But thank you for your list of titles.

Comment Re:Doesn't ship with a PC (Score 1) 292

Any game that says "Gamepad Supported" really means "Xbox 360 Controller Use Only" due to it using xinput

This is true of games sold as Windows Store apps because DirectInput isn't part of Windows Runtime. But I was under the impression that some PC games sold as desktop apps still supported both DirectInput and XInput APIs.

Whats the difference between testing KBM input versus a 360 controller input anyways? Its all just instructions sent to the application to run.

Different methods of sending instructions are better at sending different kinds of instructions. For example, a mouse is better than a joystick at sending a sequence of positions, but a joystick is better than a mouse at sending a sustained velocity. Imagine how you might play something like Mega Man or Castlevania with just a pointing device, such as a mouse, a trackball, or a mobile device's touch screen. And good luck sharing a keyboard between two players if both players learned how to play the game on a keyboard rather than a gamepad.

Its like telling me that they "Deprioritize" play testing Microsoft Fight Simulation 2000 with a flight stick and throttle because it doesn't ship with a PC.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is like rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution or Rock Band: a specialized controller is part of the gimmick. The majority of games don't have that luxury. Instead of playing games designed for a standard gamepad on PCs, I'm told that most people prefer to play games designed for a standard gamepad on consoles even if it means forgoing all PC-exclusive games. I'm not claiming to be an authority; I'd be grateful if you could prove me wrong by citing reliable statistics that people buy Xbox 360 gamepads for use with PCs instead of Xbox 360 consoles.

The Almighty Buck

Square Debuts New Email Payment System 240

cagraham writes "Mobile payment company Square — best known for their smartphone credit-card swipers — has launched a new payment service called Square Cash. The service doesn't require users to sign up or make an account. Instead, they just email the person they'd like to transfer money to (with the amount as the subject), and CC '' Square asks the sender for their debit card info, and then sends a link to the recipient, who can transfer the money into any account they want within 1-2 business days."

Comment If you can use calendar app, you can program a VCR (Score 1) 361

Remember trying to program a VCR?

Yes, and I don't think it was really any harder than using a calendar app on a PDA or phone. If you know when a show will come on, just put in the channel, date, start time, and duration, and leave a tape in the drive. What made it hard was 1. lack of support for wired remote controls so that the VCR can operate the cable box and 2. the end-to-end copy protection added to digital cable and satellite signals, especially in high definition.

Comment Limited to what your carrier offers (Score 1) 361

In fact its interesting to notice that manufacturers are increasingly offering a "Dev" or Google Play edition

Provided that your carrier chooses to offer such a phone. Some parts of the United States still can't get a good signal on T-Mobile, the only major U.S. carrier that embraces bringing your own device.

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