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Comment Because vector animation has become chopped liver (Score 1) 86

why would Badgers need broadband?

Because newer devices don't support Flash, and converting a Flash vector animation to H.264 would bloat it by several times. It's possible to download a Weebl animation such as "Badgers" over dial-up in a minute and a half, but downloading an H.264 conversion would take so long that the viewer would lose interest.

Comment Government-granted monopoly; interoperability (Score 1) 800

The best way to use them is to learn not to use them. Learn to use their superior counterparts that run on non-toy operating systems.

Which is sort of difficult if the publisher of the industry-standard application enforces patents, user interface copyrights, or anticircumvention rights against would-be developers of "superior counterparts". (I can provide examples of each of these three upon request.) It's hard even if the publisher of the industry-standard application just refuses to cooperate in documenting any file formats or protocols that would allow it to interoperate with "superior counterparts", which was true of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office for a long time.

Comment Discontinued computers in favor of non-computers (Score 1) 800

Part of the problem is that users, especially tecchie users, insist on seeing the smartphone/tablet as a computer.

Except laptop manufacturers discontinued 10" computers at the end of 2012 in favor of what you call non-computers. That's part of why techies have been trying to press tablets into service as computer replacements.

Comment Good luck replying to e-mail on a phone (Score 1) 252

The turning point probably was that sony startet to put linux in all their products

Huh? Sony took Linux out of the PS3 as of system software 3.21 and sued George Hotz for putting it back in.

I must be really bored to fire up the email reader on my laptop. Usually all my communications go via my phone

Good luck typing a three-paragraph reply on a 4" sheet of glass. And good luck seeing your e-mail and something else on the screen at once. Or do you carry a Bluetooth keyboard for making replies?

Comment Windows RT (Score 2) 252

Windows RT doesn't run legacy Windows software. It doesn't have an x86 emulator. Nor does it even allow developers of desktop applications to recompile them for ARM; the only desktop applications for RT are IE and Office.

Comment All maximized all the time (Score 1) 252

What those people don't seem to realize is that, just because no one has made a "Linux for the layman" doesn't mean no one ever will. Android is Linux, and it's about as user-friendly as you can get.

Android has what I believe to be one fatal flaw: all maximized all the time. Because of a poor decision that Google made in the Honeycomb era, namely allowing applications to assume that the screen area never changes after installation, the user can't split the tablet's display down the middle and run a phone app on each side.

Comment GNUstep (Score 1) 252

If there was a compatibility layer to run OSX applications on Linux, that might actually be a viable option. [...] But I am not aware of any such project so far

GNUstep aims for source code compatibility with Cocoa. In theory, the publisher (other than Apple) of a Mac OS X application could use Cocoa when porting it to GNU/Linux.

Comment Run as system as a service (Score 1) 252

End result? Either programs don't bother, and run as system

As I understand it, programs needing privileges are supposed to run as system (or a similarly privileged user) as a service, and then applications are supposed to make requests of that service.

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