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Comment Multi-window multitasking (Score 1) 503

One difference is whether you can see an application and another application at once, or an application and the menu for starting additional applications at once. This becomes important if you're doing something that requires multiple applications, such as reading in one application and writing in another. Windows 8's Start Screen can't share the screen with an application, and "modern UI" applications really want to fill the screen. The iOS and Android GUIs have the same "all maximized all the time" mentality, even on a tablet with a display well over twice the size of a phone. Or do the tablet makers expect people to buy two tablets, one for the reading and one for the writing?

Comment Tablets in the middle (Score 1) 503

An Android phone and a PC are dramatically different tools that are used for dramatically different tasks and styles of interaction.

Are an Android tablet's "tasks and styles of interaction" closer to a laptop or to a phone, and why? Does this change when the laptop is docked to a physical keyboard, such as an ASUS Transformer?

Comment Re:Revolt against changes? (Score 1) 503

And Windows 8 has a Home button; it's called the Start screen. But unlike the Start menu of Windows 95 through 7, both the Windows 8 Start screen and the Android launcher are full screen, breaking the flow of the task that the user is doing that might involve multiple applications. See also aussersterne's comment.

Comment Not-yet-fully-functional GUI shouldn't be default (Score 2) 503

All Ican figure is that either the author either believes that it's not classic if we can customize a GUI to the point that it's no longer "classic" looking

In my opinion, a desktop that can be easily customized to act "classic" is classic enough, so long as users are made aware of this customizability. But there's a practical problem with presenting too many options for customizability. See the section "The Question of Preferences" in this article.

or is judging it based on the first few releases when it wasn't fully functional as a 'classic' desktop yet

A not-yet-fully-functional GUI shouldn't be shipped as the default GUI of a GUI-oriented operating system until such time as it becomes fully functional.

Comment Re:Replusive (Score 1) 505

In the Groove (arcade) polls the controllers more than once per frame and can resolve step timing to within 10 ms. The PS2 version has slightly wider timing windows because it polls the controllers only once per frame (16.7 ms).

Comment Re:Replusive (Score 1) 505

C is ubiquitous.

Except on platforms that ban third-party native applications. For example, third-party applications for Chrome OS and Firefox OS are written in JavaScript, as are iOS applications that contain prohibited behaviors. Applications for Windows Phone 7 and the Xbox Live Indie Games are written in .NET Compact Framework bytecode, which in practice means C#.

Comment Offline multiplayer, for one (Score 1) 281

One copy of a $60 game costs less than three or four copies of a $30 game

My game preorders are usually only $35 for AAA titles

$140 if you have four gamers in the household. Conventional wisdom is that not enough PC games offer single-screen multiplayer or spawn installation; each player needs his own gaming PC and copy of the game.

Also, humble bundle and steam sales giving us games for next to nothing.

If everyone were to wait for sales, then how would AAA games' production budgets get covered?

As for the online thing - Steam gives you 30+ days between check ins if you save your password locally.

Other Slashdot users have told me that 30 days is still not good enough for deployed members of the armed forces.

The whole "Paradox of Choice" is not a real study

Yet people stopped buying Atari 2600 games in 1983 when there were too many bad choices on the shelves. What keeps another 1983 gaming recession from happening again?

The point of the PC Master Race is FREEDOM. We can use what we want, when we want.

Does this include freedom to use a game with whom you want, including to play with someone else in the same room and to let someone else play after you're done with a game? Does it include freedom from cheaters?

From how you post, I seriously doubt that you are a PC gamer.

I started posting this way after I met a certain PlayStation fan on Slashdot who claimed that nobody wanted to play PC games together in the same room. I really want to prove each point in that article invalid; you're invited to post in more detail on its talk page.

Comment Re:You wouldn't (Score 1) 209

Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live Indie Games are other examples of platforms locked down to one language (C#). All other .NET languages pretty require facilities not present in the .NET Compact Framework. And during the seventh console generation, Xbox Live Indie Games was pretty much the only video game platform that 1. was commonly connected to monitors big enough for multiple people to fit around and 2. was open to less-experienced developers.

Comment use strict (Score 1) 505

Errorhandling and exceptions are great, because they don't ignore errors, but force you to deal with them. Javascript just runs and you never know the correctness of the state.

Have you tried to use strict? That should turn more silent failures into the "error handling and exceptions" that you prefer.

Comment Load fast, or user will click Back (Score 5, Insightful) 505

Why are some developers obsessed with performance? The user probably isn't. They don't care whether something loads 2 seconds quicker

I thought loading faster was the difference between the user staying on a document and the user hitting the Back button to return to someone else's document. Web search engines have recognized this and have started to penalize slow-loading documents.

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